Why Mary Isn’t Sticking The Landing

When you have an LLC within an LLC moving within weeks and not months on a prime piece of property? There ought to be questions. Bear with me, but I have a terrible knot in the back of my right shoulder that neither heat nor medicine nor water can seem to unlock. Political differences can […]

Forget Politics: Imagine Whirled Peas

Mr. Jefferson would compete with his neighbors to see who could get their pea crop to table first. His personal best? A patch of early peas known then as Charlton Hotspur (today’s Prince Albert variety) which Jefferson planted in Paris on 24 February and sprouted by 14 March — that’s 21 days for those counting […]

AI For Dummies: When AI Steals Your Stuff and Then Replaces You

Ah yes — artificial intelligence. The salvation of the low-IQ set and the bane of thinkers and innovation everywhere. Allow me to express my open hostility for what most people assume is “artificial intelligence” in the wake of ChatGPT and OpenAI. No — not because I am a troglodyte. No — not because my true […]

Renwick and James Monroe, a Natural Fit

As the Fredericksburg region has grown over the last 20 years, so too has our understanding as to what the wider legacy of Virginia’s history means to future generations. No longer the Crossroads of the Civil War or George Washington’s Boyhood Home, Fredericksburg has come to embrace some of the darker and more neglected elements […]

Confessions of a Never Trump Conservative

Sorry, but no one has the unmitigated right to my vote. Earn it. If you are indeed a Republican, there is no more certain way to make a Democratic friend by announcing your dislike of Donald J. Trump. Of course, the quickest way to lose that friend is to mention that the reason you do […]

Miyares, Youngkin Honor the 51st March for Life in Washington

It was snowy and cold, but it didn’t stop the largest and longest civil rights protest in American history from turning out in huge numbers. If you watched the legacy news media, you might not have known about the fact that hundreds of thousands of people descended upon Washington for the 51st annual March for […]