Cowardice in the Face of Lies

Today’s progressive institutions place increasing pressure on too many Americans to reject their own values in favor of “correct speech” — yet there are examples on how to resist the empire of lies. Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn shows us the way.

Richmond’s Skinny Budget: Low Stakes Poker, High Stakes Rhetoric

Senate Democrats want a brick wall; House Republicans are getting a little tired of beating their heads against it. Virginia’s General Assembly managed to pass the Richmond equivalent of a continuing resolution to fund the government until Senate Democrats and House Republicans can hammer out a compromise on corporate tax breaks. One will have to […]

Virginia Schools Face $202 Million Shortfall?

When thousands of bureaucrats and school administrators set up the Virginia General Assembly for failure, that’s a problem of bad faith extending towards raw malice. The Youngkin administration is being awfully tight lipped on the who-shot-John portion of this story, but you can probably guess what happened. From this morning’s Washington Post: The problem originated with an online […]