Miyares, Youngkin Honor the 51st March for Life in Washington

It was snowy and cold, but it didn’t stop the largest and longest civil rights protest in American history from turning out in huge numbers. If you watched the legacy news media, you might not have known about the fact that hundreds of thousands of people descended upon Washington for the 51st annual March for […]

O Magnum Mysterium

“Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy…”   If you want to listen to one of my favorite Christmas hymns, it is Morten Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium. Composed in 1994, the original verse comes from the Roman Missal and reads as follows: O magnum mysterium, et admirabile sacramentum, ut animalia […]

Why We Can’t Talk About Public Education

It is because no one actually gives a damn. Otherwise, we’d talk and fix it. I started this column with the best of intentions. This began with a long jeremiad explaining how Prince Edward County screwed it up for the rest of us during the Massive Resistance era, defunding their public schools and offering local […]

Virginia In The Vanguard (Again)

The real question for Virginians is whether Biden’s abysmally low numbers will put the perennial three seats in play: VA-02 in Virginia Beach, VA-10 in Loudoun, and VA-07 in Prince William and Fredericksburg. The poll I discussed yesterday serves as a reminder to giddy Democrats still breathing sighs of relief as redistricting saved their bacon […]

Do Biden’s No-Good Terrible Numbers Put Virginia in Play in 2024?

Maybe. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) is perhaps the weaker of the two Virginia Democrats representing the Commonwealth, though by no means a pushover. With over $7 million cash on hand as of the last reporting quarter, Kaine’s war chest combined with Virginia’s demographics should give any candidate pause after Trump’s drubbing in 2016 and 2020 […]

A Very Republican WSJ Christmas Poll

WSJ: Trump 37, Biden 31, Kennedy 8 This week’s poll from the Wall Street Journal has Biden back at his historic lows, with approval ratings at 37% and showing him behind former President Donald J. Trump by a widening gap of 6 points. An admixture of third-party candidates takes a whopping 17% — a total not really seen […]

One. Additional. Gripe.

There was an angrier version of this analysis I had prepared. One that placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who would have reaped the rewards had Tuesday gone differently. I’m not going to do that. …because there’s a bigger problem in front of us. Virginia Democrats have a lot more strength than […]