WARNING: Power Grid Brownouts “Probable” This Weekend

Some precautions you can take before we get into the “dog days” of summer. With the latest high temperatures in the United States expected in the next few days, the possibility of brownouts during peak hours has moved from a chance event to something closer to an eventuality. From our friends at PJM Inside Lines: PJM […]

SPECIAL REPORT: When Local Registrars Get Caught in the Middle

Editor’s Note: Today’s special report is co-reported by Martin Davis of F2S and Shaun Kenney of The Republican Standard, and it’s being co-published on both publications. Last week, Cardinal News published a piece by reporter Markus Schmidt about the difficulties facing several Democratic candidates for state and local offices in Virginia, owing to complications with their paperwork. Mistakes […]

Virginia’s Public Education Monopoly Has a MIGHTY NEED!

…for more of your tax dollars. And it won’t solve a damn thing. Just in case readers want to do a deep dive on the JLARC report on public education, here are the relevant documents: JLARC: Overview JLARC: Summary Report JLARC: PowerPoint Presentation JLARC: Draft Report on SJ 294 JLARC finally released their study on […]

On Decency and the Gutter

For too long, the bad guys lean on the decency of the good guys as they push the boundaries. That only ends one way for the good guys… First things first, congratulations to all those who ran and won for the June 20th GOP nomination contests across Virginia. TRS is proud to have called every […]