Saturday, December 9, 2023

Virginia’s Public Education Monopoly Has a MIGHTY NEED!

...for more of your tax dollars. And it won't solve a damn thing. Just in case readers want to do a deep dive on the...

On Decency and the Gutter

For too long, the bad guys lean on the decency of the good guys as they push the boundaries. That only ends one way...

Virginia Mom Looks To Use Hunter Biden’s Deal As Justification For Leniency

A Virginia mother charged with lying about her drug use when purchasing a handgun, which her six-year-old son took to school and used to...

Abortion Rates Skyrocket in Post-Dobbs America

The so-called "drop" in abortions nationally is a myth. Chemical abortions -- RU486 -- are harder to track and more prevalent than any time before.

HOLLINGSWORTH: Destroying the Commonwealth in Order to Save it

The California inspired "green energy" mandates imposed by the Northam-era General Assembly are running into serious physical limitations, writes Hollingsworth.

WMAL Announces New Weekend Programming: “The All-American Book Club” Show

Are you feeling like you need some more content in your life centered around the great American values of faith, family, and freedom? I might...

LEAHY: Republicans Must Change Their Messaging, Or Face The Consequences

The tone of the GOP presidential race, so far, has been diffused, angry, and in recent days, focused almost entirely on the...

MARSHALL: Biden Admin Argues Pregnant Mothers Weaken US Military Readiness?!

The newly-minted US Space Force was going to make the logical move to Alabama, writes Marshall, until the Biden Administration decided that abortion-on-demand was a key metric.

MAX: WaPo Attacks Most Successful Education Reform in History

Government run public education isn't afraid of homeschoolers per se, writes Max, but rather that they enable parents to escape the clutches of government indoctrination.

HANER: Time to Hold Firm on Tax Cuts

If there's any compromise to be had, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, it is focusing tax cuts on individuals and not corporations.