Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Sex Offenders, Thieves, and Illegal Immigrants: VA Dems Get Soft on Crime

For a Democrat, few tags can sting as much as “soft on crime.” For decades, Democrats fought the charge, occasionally joining with Republicans to pass...

Surprise Billing Is Victimizing Virginians (But It Doesn’t Have To)

An ER trip shouldn't come with a nasty five-figure surprise.

Pedal Faster, Comrade: The Virginia Green New Deal is Coming

It didn’t make many headlines, but a remarkable thing happened in Virginia politics last weekend. The Democrat Party of Virginia voted unanimously to endorse the...
Pants on Fire

Democrat Darling Called out for Deceitful Ad

It’s not easy to get a Pants on Fire rating from PolitiFact — especially if you’re a Democrat. But Sheila Bynum-Coleman, the darling of the...

As General Assembly Dems lurch left, Northam attempts to reassure moderates

Rest easy, business leaders and moderate Democrats: Ralph Northam won’t let the crazy that’s taken hold in the Democrat party as of late make...
dawn adams

Delegate Adams, Call Your Office…

Things just got worse for Del. Dawn Adams, D-Henrico. A lot worse. Already facing a lawsuit alleging that the Democrat seeking re-election broke into online banking...

RGGI: The Stealth Carbon Tax You’ve Never Heard Of

RGGI; it’s something that Democrats are going to love to talk about come time for the General Assembly session, but something that only a...

Democrats Struggle To Catch “Second Wave” (Because It Isn’t There)

Democrats could be in for a nasty shock in November. 

Judge Upholds Death Threat Case Against Democratic Challenger

Whether you are posting online or participating in your local Antifa mob, remember kids: terrorism isn't cool.

The Rise Of The Last RFK Democrat

For those of you who have been longtime readers, you know of my affinity for former Delegate "Fighting Joe" Morrissey -- the Democratic nominee...