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Trump, Pence Commit To Flipping Virginia Republican In 2020

The first push in flipping the Commonwealth red is the upcoming 2019 elections, with all 140 seats in the General Assembly on the ballot in November.

Investigation Into Northam’s Racist Photo Will Conclude Later This Month

Eastern Virginia Medical School and McGuireWoods teamed up to unearth the origin of the scandal that rocked in Commonwealth the February 2019.

Delegate Kaye Kory ‘Astronomically Wrong’ On Assertions To Pass ERA

Trying to reignite the push to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the Virginia General Assembly, Fairfax's Delegate Kaye Kory relies on extraordinarily incorrect facts and figures about women incarceration.

Trump Looks For ‘Tougher’ Border Enforcement As DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns

The shakeup shows President Donald Trump is set to go in a different direction amid ongoing influx of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border from Central and South America.

At Least 6,500 Marched On State Capitol Against Democrat’s Late-Term Abortion Bill

Earlier in the day, Democrats held their own pro-abortion rally which had just 60 people in attendance, showing a stark contrast compared to those who came out to support protections for the unborn.

March Jobs Report Shows 196,000 Created, Unemployment Rate Remains At 3.8 Percent

The months of January and February were revised up by a combined 14,000 jobs, leading to the average monthly job gain over the course of 2019 sitting at 180,000 per month.

McAuliffe Says He Now Supports Virginia’s Controversial Late-Term Abortion Bill

Terry McAuliffe, who is eyeing a 2020 run at the White House, says the highly controversial late-term abortion bill supported by a majority of Virginia Democrats is "common sense," even after he said he would "absolutely not" support it just one month ago.

Half Billion In Virginia Military Projects At Risk Over Trump’s Emergency Declaration

The Commonwealth has $493 million in military projects approved by Congress, but not yet contracted by the Pentagon that are now at risk due to their funds being diverted to build the southern border wall. 

Trump Backs Off Border Closure Due To Dire Economic Consequences

The Commerce Department states that around $502 billion in goods crossed the border through trucks and trains last year, which equates to approximately $1.4 billion per day in trade with Mexico.

House Democrats Refuse Bipartisan Hearing For Sexual Assault Survivors In Reconvened Session

"This is good news for Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, but a bad day for sexual assault survivors who simply want their chance to be heard," said House Courts of Justice Committee Chairman Rob Bell.