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Not A Defeat; Just A Crystallization

Republicans didn't lose 2017 tonight; Republicans lost 2017 precisely one year ago when Donald Trump realigned the political map of the country. 

GILMORE: For Conservative Principles, Vote Republican

Gilmore: "Ed Gillespie is a man of action with plenty of conservative ideas to combat the liberal agenda."

DANNENFELSER: Northam Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote

Dannenfelser: "We need a governor of Virginia who can hear and see the truth of the humanity of these small, precious human beings."

Team Gillespie Positively Chipper As Early Voting Reports Trickle In

Early reports via social media and Google Trends all point towards a very good Gillespie headstart on Election Tuesday.

A Vile Attack on Del. Rocky Holcomb and his Family

 In past elections, we've asked our "independent" and "moderate" friends to consider our Republican candidates based on the issues. However, on this election eve,...

Northam 2007: Abusive Driver Fees Should Target Illegal Immigrants

Northam's 2007 advertisement demonizing illegal immigrants is history the Democrats would rather forget... among other things.

Ralph Northam Is Out Of Math and Out Of Time

Northam's staff are both publicly and privately derisive of the candidate himself, viewing him as insufficiently energetic to motivate the progressive base. 

Politico: People Offended By Racist LVF Ad Probably Just Bots

The National Education Association (yes, that NEA) has decided that most of the reaction against the Northam LVF ad are bots -- not real Virginians.

Rasmussen: Gillespie, Northam TIED at 45%

Gillepsie has shocked the nation with a campaign that -- according to the Washington Post and public policy centers -- should never have had a chance.

League of Women Voters Engages In Voter Intimidation

Nestled in between Richmond Camera and Yoga Source?  Is the UPS box for the Center for Voter Information -- a front for the League of Women Voters.