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Dow Rockets to 26,000 After Trump Tax Cuts, Economists Warn Melt-Up

The Dow rocketed to 26,000 amid its record run just over one year after Trump took office, spiking 1,000 in just seven days. Some warn of a melt-up.

Since When Does Government Elect Representatives To Represent Government?

Delegate Dawn Adams' conundrum brings up a much larger question, that being whether the government can or ought to have representatives on its own behalf. 
Ralph Northam

Governor Northam Pushes For Progressive Agenda

House committees are 12-10 in favor of Republicans. Policies that define the Governor Northam's highly-progressive agenda are unlikely.
Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Bill Moves Through Virginia House of Delegates

Three members of the Virginia House of Delegates introduced a bill late Monday that will implement net neutrality rules throughout the commonwealth.
Port of Virginia

Port of Virginia Record Volume Booming Newport News Economy

The Port of Virginia is booming. Newport News is also going to get a large economic bolster from new shipbuilding requests. This time from Washington.
gun control

Gun Control Laws From Democrats Shot Down by Republicans in General Assembly

Republicans in the Virginia State Senate defeated a push by Democrats on a panel for stricter gun control laws in the commonwealth.

Felony Theft Threshold Raised by Virginia Senate Panel Vote

A Republican-led Virginia State Senate panel voted to raise the dollar amount for felony theft from $200 to $500.
economic growth

Virginia, Especially Richmond, Will Benefit From Economic Growth in 2018

Economists claim Virginia and the Richmond metro area will greatly benefit from national economic growth over the next year, citing Trump's tax plan.

“Pragmatic” Northam Pushing Same Old Democrat Agenda

What's so pragmatic about the same agenda Terry McAuliffe pushed? 

Colonial Williamsburg To Paint Interior of Governor’s Mansion

Colonial Williamsburg is taking the extraordinary step of painting the great hall of the Governor's Mansion between Jan 15th thru Jan 26th.