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Thursday, September 21, 2017


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Long Knives Are Already Out Among VA-10 Democrats

 Democrat Delegate Kathleen Murphy can clearly be heard on the leaked tapes saying, "We’ll be fighting with each other ‘til we are dead."  

Op-Ed: Mother Teresa Sullivan’s Phony Jefferson Statue Narrative

UVA President Teresa Sullivan's narrative on what actually happened falls apart rather quickly, as Charlottesville's Rob Schilling explains.

Washington Post & Virginian-Pilot: Betsy DeVos Is Right About Colleges and Sexual Assault

When two of Virginia's most liberal newspapers start patting Betsy DuVos on the back, it's worth noting.

Dominion Rushes Over 700 Employees To Florida

Great news from Richmond as Dominion Energy responds to the devastation in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Public Intellectuals and Public Partisanship

When an entire society consists of postmoderns, it is almost a wonder as to why public intellectuals seem to have gone the way of Buckley and Vidal.  

UVA Faculty, Students Cover Jefferson Monument With Black Tarp; Issue List of Demands

UVA is one of the best public institutions of learning in the world.  That reputation should not be sullied by those who seem bent on weaponizing academia.  

Retention Remains Real Hurdle For Virginia’s Community College Students

The General Assembly has the leverage it needs to help VCCS students see the value in their own education, even if the current system puts them at odds.

Braunlich: Ending DACA Will Harm Virginia, U.S. Economy

Ending the lawless executive order from the Obama era was going to be a tough call when 700,000 effective hostages were held in limbo.

Planned Parenthood Consumes Ralph Northam With $3mil Ground Game

The dogma lives loudly in Ralph Northam... and by "dogma" we mean aborting babies.

UVA College Republicans Put On The Best Scavenger Hunts

This is funny -- I don't care who you are.