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AP Reveals New Strategy To Revolutionize Exit Polls

On Tuesday, The Associated Press announced that they will begin conducting an elaborate voter survey following elections that is set to replace the traditional in-person exit polls that are so widely used.

Teen Vogue Dreams Of Dickensian London As They Romanticize Karl Marx

Basing a world view built on the allegories of a back street Dickensian London is nothing less than a childish, sheepheaded attempt to justify one's own lackluster place in society, but completely fine for Teen Vogue as they romanticize Karl Marx.

Mueller’s FBI, A Secret Iranian Mission, And A Russian Billionaire: A Conflict Of Interest

An investigative report from The Hill outlines a new reality inside the Russian investigation. It tells the tale of a decade-old FBI operation that involved Mueller's FBI, a secret Iranian mission, and a Russian billionaire, presenting a possible conflict of interest.

Delegate Chris Jones Voted To 2018 Inside Business Power List

Delegate Chris Jones' personal approach to politics, which he prides himself on, has won him a spot on the 2018 Inside Business Power List.

Embassy Move To Jerusalem Evens Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

The U.S. will not step down from being a part of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, as "experts" say they have. Moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem shows that the U.S. is more a part of it than ever.

Virginia Could Collect An Additional $400 Million In Income Tax Payments

An extra $400 million from income tax payments could come surging into Virginia's coffers from the federal tax overhaul signed last year, but state finance officials are not ready to trust the wave they say could disappear after summer's end.

Wexton Vows To Punish Families; Raise Taxes If Elected

The NRCC has released a new video entitled: "Jennifer Wexton Will Raise Your Taxes." Built on the foundation of the NRCC's ad targeting Nancy Pelosi about her proposed "roll back" of the Republican-led Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it outlines Wexton's plan of a congressional agenda of big taxes and big government spending.

UVA’s Speech Supression Policy Challenged By Bible Carrying Alumnus

UVA's speech suppression policy has been challenged by a Bible-carrying alumnus. Violating the First Amendment does not dissuade hate speech. As Dr. King once said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Obamacare’s Nutritional Information Provision Expensive And Ineffective

The new Obamacare nutritional information provision will not only be ruinously expensive, both in dollar amounts to make the change and the man hours to do it, but it is highly unlikely to change consumer behavior for the better.

Scott Taylor’s Record Wins Him Spot On 2018 Inside Business Power List

As a freshman Republican member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Scott Taylor has worked hard to make sure his first term in office is one worth remembering - so successful that it won him a spot on the 2018 Inside Business Power List