Saturday, August 24, 2019

Mental Illness, Significant Stressors Key Predictors of Mass Attack Violence

Mental illness and significant life stress are two key factors in predicting who may perpetrate a mass shooting or other such attack. That’s the central...

Roanoke Times: 12 Questions, 12 Answers

The Roanoke Times raises 12 questions about Trump.  What follows are 12 answers.

Min Wage Hike Would Cost Millions of Jobs, VA Democrats Undeterred

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour could put 3.7 million Americans out of work, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. That didn’t...
dawn adams

Lawsuit Alleges Democrat Del. Dawn Adams Used State Employee for Personal Business, Hacked Email...

A lawsuit brought by a former legislative aide to Del. Dawn Adams against the delegate alleges that Adams required her, a state employee, to...

Wachsmann Calls For ‘New Prescription’ In HOD-75

Wachsmann looks to bring fresh ideas and new leadership to an area of Virginia that has continued to see high poverty rates and unemployment.
dawn adams

Delegate Dawn Adams Is In Serious Trouble

Questions as to whether or not Adams might be on the hook for criminal liability as well as the $550,000 civil suit filed by her former assistant remain in question.

Ralph Northam Says “I Expected Better” of Legislators; Still Refuses to Resign

Virginia Republicans have finally crossed the line: they’ve disappointed Democrat Governor Ralph Northam with their behavior. Writing in the Washington Post, Northam expressed his disdain...

No, Northam and Virginia Democrats Really DO Want to Take Away Your Guns

Remember when Democrats used to say they supported reasonable gun restrictions, and “no one wants to take away your guns”? That time is over. Governor...

Virginia Recovers From McAuliffe Era; Becomes #1 State For Business

Republicans find new energy as national rankings make Virginia the best place to do business.

House Democrats Vote to Block Financial Aid to Virginia Beach, Shooting Victims

House Democrats made their priorities clear early in this week’s special legislative session on gun control — block aid to the City of Virginia...