FBI Warns Of New Scam Potentially Threatening Millions Of Virginians

The FBI and Virginia Department of Transportation have issued an urgent warning to motorists about a new scam involving unpaid toll texts. Authorities consider it a significant threat that requires your immediate attention. “Smishing,” or identity theft schemes involving text messages intended to dupe you, have become increasingly common in recent years, like their closely […]

Stoney Ends Gubernatorial Bid, Clearing Path For Spanberger

Richmond Mayor Levar M. Stoney has decided to suspend his ambitions for the governor’s mansion, at least for the time being. In a statement posted to X, the Democrat announced his decision to run for lieutenant governor and reiterated his commitment to helping Democrats reclaim Virginia’s state executive offices in 2025. Tuesday’s decision makes Rep. […]

HANER: Silence, Disinterest Will Get Your Netflix and NFL Sunday Ticket Taxed

After a month of unproductive political theater, Virginia’s leaders will finally sit down like adults and negotiate the budget. Better late than never.  The message is “everything is back on the table,” which leaves the door wide open for the tax increase central to the Democrat’s demands. That deserves a quick no. At this point, Virginians […]

Forget Politics: Imagine Whirled Peas

Mr. Jefferson would compete with his neighbors to see who could get their pea crop to table first. His personal best? A patch of early peas known then as Charlton Hotspur (today’s Prince Albert variety) which Jefferson planted in Paris on 24 February and sprouted by 14 March — that’s 21 days for those counting […]

LINGAMFELTER: Budget Standoff

Earlier this week, Virginia could not agree on a budget for the next two years.  So, the Governor and both sides agreed to symbolically meet in the epicenter of the Capitol in the shadow of Geroge Washington’s statue and plot a way forward.  That path will take the General Assembly into a Special Session in […]

Modest Virginia Town To Celebrate 80th Anniversary Of Unimaginable Tragedy

At first glance, Bedford, Virginia, seems like an unorthodox choice for a World War II memorial. Yet, the disproportionate sacrifices of this Southwest Virginia hamlet make it a poignant site for the National D-Day Memorial. It was here, amidst the splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains, that 34 Virginia National Guard soldiers comprising Company A, […]

AI For Dummies: When AI Steals Your Stuff and Then Replaces You

Ah yes — artificial intelligence. The salvation of the low-IQ set and the bane of thinkers and innovation everywhere. Allow me to express my open hostility for what most people assume is “artificial intelligence” in the wake of ChatGPT and OpenAI. No — not because I am a troglodyte. No — not because my true […]

Small Businesses Protest Youngkin’s Skills Games Amendments

One hotly debated issue that has been highlighted during this year’s legislative session in Richmond has been the topic of skills games, which are a significant revenue generator for small businesses such as gas stations and convenience stores. These ‘games’ look like slot machines, but as the name suggests, involve some level of skill to […]