Sunday, January 24, 2021

Draconian Anti-2A Restrictions Set To Go Into Effect in Virginia

Selling your firearms to a family members without conducting a background check could land you one year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

Northam Allocates $20mil To Help Small Businesses Destroyed By His Policies

The total of federal CARES Act dollars spent rises to $120 million.

SNESAVAGE: Time To Investigate Chase’s Campaign Activities

Failure to register her security detail on campaign finance reports constitutes the need for an investigation, says Unfit Virginia PAC's Mark Snesavage.

Miyares Hires Trump WH Official Klarke Kilgore To Head AG Campaign

Republican Delegate Jason Miyares (R-Virginia Beach) is bringing on core talent from the Trump White House.

Why Is The Liberal Media Pushing Dixiecrats Like Chase?

It's because Chase represents the caricature of what liberal elites think of Republicans overall... and that's not right.

Join the Union or Else: Right to Work in Peril

Right to Work is freedom. And Democrats oppose it.

Disruptor PAC: Can Santa Evade Northam’s 12am Curfew?

Who knew that Wallops Island was fully functional as surface-to-air missile defense system for the eastern seaboard?!?

Northam’s Removal Of Lee From US Capitol To Cost $500,000

Lee's replacement, a statue to civil rights leader Barbara Rose Johns, will cost Virginia taxpayers $500,000.

Democrats Torn On Carter’s Bill To Repeal Right To Work

Cox's call for gubernatorial candidates to respond clearly on this issue seems to have fallen on deaf ears amongst Democrats hungry for union support. 

Jennifer Carroll Foy Gives Fast Terry a Run for His Money

Jennifer Carrol Foy remains the most serious gubernatorial candidate for the Democrats. Republicans should take note.