Poll Confirms Trump Claim: ‘Virginia Is In Play’

New presidential preference survey results published by Roanoke College could spell disaster for the Biden campaign. Polling shows the pair of presidential hopefuls at “42 percent each in a one-on-one contest in the state, the first time the pollster has found Biden and Trump tied,” according to The Hill. The Hill also noted the following: […]

Trump Campaign Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Bob Good

The Trump campaign has had enough of House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good’s campaign for reelection. It is threatening legal action over campaign signs featuring Good and Trump’s names in what has become one of the most fiercely contested Republican primaries this cycle. Good, a Virginia Republican and unabashed conservative, apparently incurred Donald Trump’s wrath […]

Joe Manchin Leaves Democratic Party, Registers As An Independent

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has had enough. The longtime moderate Democrat announced on Friday that he was leaving the party he’s called home for decades to register as an independent. In a statement, Manchin accused both parties of embracing “partisan extremism” and “jeopardizing our democracy.” “Today, our national politics are broken and neither party […]

Spotsylvania Teacher Arrested For Drugs Worked For Fredericksburg City Schools

Parents and teachers in Fredericksburg raised concerns to administration. Hiring in Spotsylvania surfaces questions about the district’s hiring process at that time. Candyce Carter, the 2nd grade teacher for Spotsylvania County Public Schools who was arrested last week on charges of possession of narcotics, child endangerment, and child neglect or abuse, was previously a teacher […]

LEAHY: Incremental Changes Could Save Taxpayers Billions In Entitlements

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released its 2024 annual report with the promising title of how the government can “reduce fragmentation, overlap, and duplication and achieve billions of dollars in financial benefits.” Sounds promising. And given the agency’s examples, there are millions of dollars in savings just waiting to be claimed at various agencies. […]