Saturday, June 12, 2021
Nadarius Clark

Meet the New Democrats, Same as the Old Democrats

The buzz in the media is palpable. House Democrats have shed all their crazies and moved toward the center! The socialist is gone, as...
From Many, One

E Pluribus, Unum

E Pluribus Unum. “Out of many, one.”This Latin phrase has been a national motto of the U.S. since its founding. In just...

Virtual School, Real Failure

They call it “Zoom fatigue.” Sitting at a desk, staring at a small picture of yourself and a screen full of small boxes with pictures...

PARRISH: Unity Is The Critical Course of Action for Virginia Republicans

The Republican Party is at the stage of determining its survival, by either crushing this division or falling victim to its cancerous inculcation.

VHHA Opens Podcast Series Featuring Republican, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates

Virginia's Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) has some excellent podcasts on health care policy in Virginia, interviewing Republicans and Democrats alike.

WILSON: How The Virginia GOP’s Convention Nominates The Most Electable Conservative

For red meat conservatives, allowing the 30% who want tofu to win in a plurality just doesn't cut it (and it doesn't taste good).

Cox Slams Northam on CRT; Vows To Overhaul Virginia Department of Education

Meanwhile, the Democrats are facing a near-violent insurgency within their own ranks to go further on CRT, which simply does not bode well for McAuliffe's campaign heading into the dog days of summer. 

Empty Chairs; Empty Tables; Empty Minds?

If higher expectations are visible signs of racial supremacy, then what does forcing everyone down to the lowest common denominator mean?

New Cox Ad Hits MLB, Democrats Hard on Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture may not feel like a kitchen table issue, but it is. It's at the heart of our everyday life.

Cox Slams Dirty Anti-Youngkin Ads; Condemns ‘Cowardly’ Tactics By Other Campaigns

“One thing I’ve tried to do in this business is always be honest with people, and it’s frustrating to me — and to Virginians — when others aren’t."