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Braunlich: On Immigration Reform, Redirection Over Reduction

The Cotton-Perdue-Trump plan moves in the right direction when it argues for a merit-based system as a means of building the American economy.

SHOCK POLL: Monmouth Shows Gillespie, Northam Tied at 44

So much for the myth of an 8 point race...

Desperate For Cash, Northam Takes $3mil In Planned Parenthood Blood Money

Hard up for cash and hitting the panic button, Northam decides to lap up the blood money from Planned Parenthood -- $3 million in fact.

Equivocation: A Primer

Being able to condemn extremism in whatever form it takes is not the practice of moral equivocation, but desperately needed moral consistency.  

Wexton Demurs on Pelosi; Friedman Raises Stakes In Bid To Court DCCC Interest In...

Democrats in VA-10 are at one another's throats as Wexton demurs on Pelosi, and the DCCC hedges their bets on a better financed candidate.

Planned Parenthood Consumes Ralph Northam With $3mil Ground Game

The dogma lives loudly in Ralph Northam... and by "dogma" we mean aborting babies.

Democrat Guzman Has Bankrupted Two Budgets; Third Time Is The Charm?

Never forget?  Some people unfortunately do... whether it's 9/11 or her bills.

Gillespie Won NOVA Chamber Endorsement Over Northam’s Opposition To Right To Work… Not Transgender...

This morning's Washington Post strays the line again: Northam spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel said the lieutenant governor is the “only person in the race that will keep...

Sadtler: Democrat Fairfax Extreme Views On Firearms Alienate Virginians

VCDL-PAC Chairman Sadtler: "Justin Fairfax is as extreme as any anti-gun candidate in Virginia’s history to ever run statewide on a major party ticket."

Filkins: Northam Is Bad News For Lyme Sufferers

Op-Ed: Northam's noted opposition to a bill notifying patients about the partially reliable results of Lyme disease tests puts victims at risk.