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NBC: Trump’s Approval Rating at 50 Percent in Counties Fueling His Win

This isn't news that should shock a soul, but President Donald Trump's anti-liberal approach is just the sort of rhetoric his supporters want to...

BREAKING: Charlie Guard’s Parents End The Legal Fight To Save His Life

Sad reports this morning as the parents of Charlie Gard have exhausted all legal measures, it now being too late for experimental treatment.

Watch As Stephen Miller Sinks Jim Acosta’s Battleship On Immigration

If politics had a TKO?  Miller put on a clinic against CNN's Jim Acosta, whose moral preening was on full display during this exchange.

League of Conservation Voters Gives Northam $1.1 Million; Hours Later McAuliffe Opposes Offshore Drilling?

...and so the For Sale sign goes up on the Governor's Mansion.  Or at the very least, its policies. 

Fake News: The So-Called Hanover “Young” Republicans

Fake Republican websites and social media accounts run by fake Republicans are cropping up in places you wouldn't expect... and in places you might.

Retention Remains Real Hurdle For Virginia’s Community College Students

The General Assembly has the leverage it needs to help VCCS students see the value in their own education, even if the current system puts them at odds.

Making Sense of Medicaid: Graham-Cassidy Edition

Uncompensated care may not seem like a public problem, but it becomes a dollars and cents issues for working class Virginians.

WaPo: Gillespie Financial Position Better Than Appears

The rest is just pure propaganda cloaked in the form of journalism.

Cost To Counter Protest? $570,000

What could Richmond schools have done with $570,000?

Gun Grabbers Give Northam $400K; Herring $300K… Fairfax Gets Nothing

Fairfax is cut loose as gun-grabbers come to play in Virginia -- making good on Bloomberg's promise to interfere in Virginia elections.