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RSLC Slams Justin Fairfax Over Opposition To Pipeline

Meanwhile, the Democrats are reduced to calling pipeline supporters racists for the crime of bringing jobs and tax revenue to Buckingham County, Virginia. 

Gillespie, Allen, Kilgore Unveil Powerful New Gang Prevention Plan

Great news from the Gillespie campaign this morning as the new gang prevention plan has hit the press, and there is truly some amazing stuff in here.

Temporary Means Permanent: Nelson County Covers Up “Keep God’s Commandments” In Historic Courthouse

As secular beliefs continue to trump sacred ones in the public square, let's not pretend that a "temporary" blind will not convert into a permanent one.

Democrat Crashes Private Event; Whines To Media When She Is Turned Away

In other news, water is wet; grass is green; Central Virginia Democrats are really bad at manufacturing news.

VA-10 Democrat Michael Pomerleano Desperately Needs Hometraining

Just one more example of how nasty certain Democrats feel themselves obligated to become in the contest to lose against Rep. Barbara Comstock. 

Richmond Isn’t Charlottesville; Laws Will Be Enforced

In the wake of Confederate flag supporters demonstrating on Monument Avenue, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney is showing how to properly handle a demonstration.

CNU Poll: Northam by 6, McAuliffe by 7, Warner by 7

Given CNU's track record of giving Democrats 5-6 points higher than reality, a CNU poll giving Northam a 6-point lead is a dead heat even race to me

Daily Beast: Democrats Begin Openly Panicking About Northam’s Chances

In Virginia, Gillespie is dominating the narrative and proving that Northam is quickly running out of math and running out of time.

Does Henrico County Need To Spend More on Public Housing and Mass Transit?

The only way Henrico's push for mass transit makes economic sense is to increase housing density -- by sinking cash into high-density public housing.

Northam Calls Gillespie “Hateful” Signaling End of the “Virginia Way”

Ralph Northam calls Ed Gillespie "hateful" and signals end of the "Virginia Way"