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President Trump Receives Just $1.375 Billion In Border Wall Funding

President Donald Trump receives four times less money than he requested, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reneges on her promise not to fund border wall construction.

HOT Lanes Are Coming To Hampton Roads

This morning's Virginian-Pilot offers some good news -- HOT lanes will stretch along a 40 mile section of I-64 by 2024, offering a solution...

One Million Great Reasons To Build Pipelines, Reduce Energy Poverty in Virginia

More than ever, if we are going to take 1 out of every 8 Virginians and give them a fighting chance, it starts with making sure they can afford their family's electric bill.  

VCU Poll: Job Seekers Look To Gillespie

Doing a deeper dive into the VCU poll shows that on jobs and the economy, the advantage goes to Gillespie.

POLL: Do You Support Gillespie’s Leadership On Confederate Memorials?

The debate is raging -- time for Virginians to have their say!

Vogel Puts Principle Over Party; Democratic Rival Preaches “A Second Revolution”

In stark contrast to Republican Jill Vogel's calm and principled demeanor, Democrat Justin Fairfax’s extremism makes him a potential liability to Northam.

Check Out This Incredibly Stupid “Top Gun” Parody Ad in VA-10

"How old do you need to be to understand that this clip is a parody and to know what it’s lampooning? Forty?"

Is Northern Virginia Democrat Kathleen Murphy In Trouble?

Murphy is getting a bailout from the Virginia House Democrats -- money that you would think shouldn't have to be spent up in Northern Virginia (at all).

BREAKING: Charlottesville Judge Rules Statute Protecting War Memorials Retroactively Applies

Judge Moore came to his conclusion based on a "common sense" metric. 

Remso Republic Podcast: Party vs Principle

John Wesley Wood with the CRs at Liberty University discusses what party loyalty really means, and if principles should ever clash with it.