Tuesday, June 28, 2022

New Program To Help Veterans Campaign For Public Office

In 1969, 75 percent of senators and congressmen had served in the military, but by the beginning of the Afghanistan War, that number dropped...

Governor Northam’s Push To Strike Down Voter ID Laws Fails

Proposals to rescind voter ID laws have remained widely unpopular across the U.S., which tells the tale of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's effort to repeal them.

Northam’s Shocking Opposition To Offshore Drilling Will Weaken State Revenues

The House of Representatives is considering new draft legislation set to advance exploration and production of offshore oil and natural gas; however, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam believes this represents a clear and present threat to Virginia’s economy.

New Youngkin Ad Exposes McAuliffe Campaign for COVID Misinformation

Political outsider, successful business leader and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin launched a digital ad campaign highlighting Terry McAuliffe repeatedly spreading...

Dems Refuse Gun Violence Funding Over ICE Cooperation

Governor Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring have said repeatedly that the Commonwealth is facing an epidemic of gun violence. But when given the opportunity...

Left Labels NRA a Terrorist Group, Ignoring Democrats’ Own Questionable Ties

Links among the political left with the Muslim Brotherhood abound, which is why labeling pro-2A groups such as the NRA as 'terrorists' seem a bit misplaced.

Tangier Island Jetty Construction To Begin Later This Year, Finishing In 2019

Since 1850, Tangier Island off the eastern shore of Virginia has lost up to two-thirds of its landmass from erosion and rises in sea level. Now, a plan to construct a jetty by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers looks to be a promising measure to ensure the sustainability of the island's 450 residents, as well as the Chesapeake Bay's fishing economy.

State Senate District 28 Candidate Allers: Sen. Reeves Lost VA-07 Nomination After Not Working...

State Senator Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania) came in third in the recent GOP VA-07 congressional primary. That’s a bad result for a candidate who entered the...

Virginia State Senator Richard ‘Dick’ Black Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election In 2019

Ending 50 years in public service, one of the Virginia General Assembly's most conservative legislators will be retiring after four terms in the House of Delegates and two terms in the State Senate.
exit polls

AP Reveals New Strategy To Revolutionize Exit Polls

On Tuesday, The Associated Press announced that they will begin conducting an elaborate voter survey following elections that is set to replace the traditional in-person exit polls that are so widely used.