Saturday, June 12, 2021

Is Eco-Terrorism Coming To Southwest Virginia?

As Green Antifa once again publicly threatens to use violence, who has to get hurt (or worse) before anyone takes Green Antifa at their word? 

Lt. Gov. Fairfax Tries To Counter Interviews From Accusers With Polygraph Tests

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax's polygraph tests were conducted just before interviews with his accusers, Dr. Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Wilson, are set to air on national television Monday and Tuesday.

Charter School Legislation Moves Through Virginia Senate

Senator Mark Obenshain forwards a bill in the General Assembly making charter schools a more viable option for K-12 education in Virginia.

RTD Editorial Praises Dominion Deal; Lawmakers Encouraged To Learn More

Lawmakers seek to act with clear eyes as the Richmond Times-Dispatch editors praise Dominion Energy's modernization effort.

Terry McAuliffe May Use His Alligator Wrestling Skills Against Trump In 2020

If his pre-campaign teasers are any evidence of what he will do in the next 19 months, McAuliffe is set to campaign weird, quickly. 

Terry McAuliffe Says He’s ‘Actually Seen’ Video Of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder

Apart from telling people he's actually seen murder videos that only the CIA has, and that he would arrest the leader of a Middle Eastern nation and throw him in jail, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe says he's "seriously considering" challenging President Donald Trump in 2020.

Shutdown Impasse Likely To Extend Through SOTU Address At Month’s End

As no ground has yet been made by either party in Congress on reopening the federal government, President Trump remains steadfast in building the U.S.-Mexico border wall, which has now been dubbed "peaches."

Why Is The Virginia Dems Knife Fight Being Swept Under The Rug?

Republicans are preparing to elect Kirk Cox as Speaker of the House on opening day. In contrast, the Democrats can't manage to get through a caucus meeting.
March for Life

Northam Signs New GOP Abortion Funding Restrictions Into Law

It hasn’t made many headlines, but there’s a major change coming to abortion law in Virginia. Language in the newly-passed Virginia budget bill will for...

Democrats Use Corporate Money To Get Elected; Pledge To Not Take Money To Get...

...after just taking a boatload of corporate money to get elected, of course.