Monday, October 14, 2019

BREAKING: Speaker Howell Hospitalized For Chest Pains, Emergency Surgery

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Speaker this week. 

Virginia Unemployment Rate Hits 11-Year Low At 3.2 Percent

Virginia's jobless rate is now at its lowest since October 2007, with the May numbers showing 3.2 percent unemployment, marking the best month following the national economic recession.

BREAKING: Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary

Sean Spicer out; Anthony Scaramucci in as White House press secretary.
power sharing

Commonwealth Power Sharing An Uncommon History

A split House in Virginia is a rare occurrence, the notion of power sharing may arise, something that has an uncommon history in the commonwealth. 

Virginia General Assembly Passes Measure To Study And Help Reduce Maternal Mortality Rates

A maternal mortality review team within the Virginia Department of Health will be created to study the causes behind pregnancy-associated and pregnancy-related deaths in the Commonwealth.

“Fake News” and Media Violence in 19th Century Danville

On September 20, 1836, James M. Smith – younger brother to William “Extra Billy” Smith – published an account in the Lynchburg Virginian accusing the Danville Reporter of libel against his brother.
March for Life

Northam Signs New GOP Abortion Funding Restrictions Into Law

It hasn’t made many headlines, but there’s a major change coming to abortion law in Virginia. Language in the newly-passed Virginia budget bill will for...

Like The Apollo Missions, Offshore Drilling Represents America’s Innovative And Exploratory Potential

Although offshore drilling may not be as landmark of an event as the Apollo spaceflights and subsequent Moon landings, just like Apollo, it will help humanity explore more of the planet hidden by oceans.

Virginia’s Democratic Legislators Pushing In-State Tuition For DACA Recipients

For example, at Virginia Commonwealth University, DACA recipients living in Virginia would only have to pay $14,490 in tuition and fees, much less than the $35,798 price tag for out-of-state students. 

After Charlottesville

The goal must be making fewer Nazis – and purging them from the Republican Party – not just punching or scolding the ones we currently have.