Tuesday, October 19, 2021

SOTU Address: Trump Loves America, Democrats Hate Everything

Trump's SOTU address was filled with praise, while Democrats continue to fight a losing battle against themselves -- and proven results.

Day Two of #HighwayRobbery Produces $40.00 Spike On I-66

Welcome to the Obamacare of transportation solutions, where $40 fees are called "free market" and warnings about $17 fees by Republicans in '15 seem quaint.

Speaker Cox Reaffirms Virginia’s Commitment to Veterans During Policy Roundtable

Cox met with leaders from the American Legion and the Joint Leadership Council of Veteran Services Organizations to listen to concerns and discuss seven priority recommendations from the JLC intended to benefit Virginia's veterans.

Cox To Northam: If You Don’t Fire Parole Board, I Will

Governor Ralph Northam is dragging his feet in the face of the evidence. Delegate Kirk Cox isn't going to let that slide for long.

Will Trump’s New Government Restructuring Program Provide Real Change?

Will Trump's new initiative to restructure the federal government amount to cutting red tape for the masses and draining the swamp, or will it only be a conservative-friendly rebranding of the leviathan of Washington D.C.?

RTD: Port of Virginia Receives Largest Shipping Container Vessel On Record

With shipping up 8.2% this year, it is all the more reason why energy concerns must be addressed in the Hampton Roads area.

Virginia Educational Institutions Not Producing Engaging Citizens, VCU Study Says

A new poll conducted finds the public schools in Virginia are not aptly preparing students for "real life."

Richmond-Hampton Roads Mega-Region May Become A Reality

In terms of population size, the hypothetical Richmond-Hampton Roads metropolitan area would rank right around the Seattle-Tacoma region. Based on 2015 statistics, the mega-region could rank in the top 20 for GDP.

Winsome Sears Shifts Campaign Into High Gear; New Hires

Sears is shocking the media by holding her Democratic opposition even in the polls.
Cambridge analytica

Facebook Now Rating User Trustworthiness, But Won’t Tell Users If They Are Trusted

Facebook's new paradoxical measure to rate user reputations is tantamount to: "If I told you, I'd have to kill you."