Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Northam Hearts Corporate Money

Dominion, Altria, Capital One, Hunton & Williams and Aetna?   Even Omega Protein and the Virginia Association of Realtors got into the game.

Remso: Democrats Bring In Lawless Eric Holder To Fundraise

Remso Martinez sounds off on the latest move by Democrats to raise money from disgraced former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Stop Being “Your True Self”

Their inmost self is destruction; their throat is an open grave.

Ramadan Renews The Call For Reform At UVA

Former Delegate David Ramadan is showing no signs of disappearing from the public square as he renews the call for reform at the University of Virginia.

Virginia Senate Stops Schoolhouse-To-Courthouse Pipeline

The "schoolhouse to courthouse pipeline" was stopped by the Virginia Senate this session after overwhelming legislative support.

Roanoke Times: Is Appalachia An American Version Of East Germany?

An editorial posted by The Roanoke Times expounds upon the questions raised by The New York Times about the economic stagnation in Appalachia.

GILMORE: For Conservative Principles, Vote Republican

Gilmore: "Ed Gillespie is a man of action with plenty of conservative ideas to combat the liberal agenda."

Malevolence or Incompetence? Bynum-Coleman’s Rocky Campaign Start is One or the Other

It’s never a good sign when a campaign goes negative in their first TV ad. It’s a worse sign when that ad can only be...

Speaker Kirk Cox Talks About Possible Recommendations From Select Committee On School Safety

“We’re going to need to spend some money, but we’re going to need to spend it prudently,” Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) said, remarking on possible recommendations coming from the Select Committee on School Safety, which may include physical and technological security measures, but will be centered around student wellness.

Under President Trump, Small Business Optimism At Highest Ever Level, Even Higher Than During...

When it comes to creating jobs in the small business sector, President Trump is now tracking better than his idol Ronald Reagan.