Sunday, December 5, 2021

Ghoulish Chris Hurst Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know He Is Actually a Democrat

Apart from advertising who paid for the mailer, Hurst would really prefer that you don't think of him as a Daily Kos endorsed Democrat.

Equivocation: A Primer

Being able to condemn extremism in whatever form it takes is not the practice of moral equivocation, but desperately needed moral consistency.  

FEMA Slammed By Barbara Comstock Over Sexual Harassment Accusations Stemming From Personnel Chief

As a leading light on combating sexual harassment, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock jumps into the situation surrounding the ex-director of human resources at FEMA.

Winners and Losers: Youngkin Edition

The whole election came down to 70,000 votes. For me, this is the fun part where I look at my own MS Excel charts —...

Republican John Adams Gets $300K Boost Against “Red” Herring

Democratic Attorney General Mark "Red" Herring is the one last remaining hope as national Democrats begin salvaging at least one statewide race in Virginia.

Delegates Garrett, Byron Propose Ban on Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in Virginia

The one-two legislative strategy by Delegates Scott Garrett and Kathy Byron would prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion providers in this year's budget and begin working towards prohibiting it in Virginia's constitution. The move comes as Governor Northam and Democratic lawmakers proposed a sweeping repeal of abortion restrictions, including on late term abortions in the third trimester.

Feeling Pressure On Fundraising, Democratic Candidates Find Other Things To Do

Virginia House Democrats are looking like the lame horse on the outside of the track stumbling into the gate -- never mind getting out of it. 

Border Wall Rebuke Introduced In Congress, Setting Up Trump Veto

If both houses of Congress initially approve the measure, it is unlikely they will be able to garner the two-thirds majorities in each chamber to override President Trump's inevitable first-ever veto.

Hampton Poll: Gillespie +8

Hampton University predicted Hillary +4 in 2016; actual results had the Democrats winning by 5.2%.

Virginia’s 2011 House Legislative Map Actually Helped Democrats

This, of course, makes the Democratic-funded $4 million lawsuit even more interesting.