Thursday, July 29, 2021

“Antiracist” Teaching Comes to Albemarle County Schools

Around Virginia, parents are angry, and for good reason: They’re learning just what their children have been taught about race, identity, and...
NEA Screen Shot

NEA Goes All-In on Critical Race Theory

If there was any doubt, it’s gone now. Critical Race Theory is in our schools, and it is being pushed by the...

The TJ Saga: ‘Shut Up,’ They Explained

It’s the best high school in the country. Success there means success later in life. Parents go to extreme lengths to get...

“Anti-Racism”: The New Face of Critical Race Theory

To say American views on racism have evolved radically is an understatement. Today, racism is treated with the same embrace as dog droppings: gross, best...

RSLC Targets 13 House Democrats

The race for the House of Delegates is on.Earlier this week, the Republican State Leadership Committee announced their list of targets for...

Don’t Like CRT in Schools? Blame Richmond (and Ralph Northam).

It’s hard to turn on the news today and not find a story about Critical Race Theory in our schools. Many have...
From Many, One

E Pluribus, Unum

E Pluribus Unum. “Out of many, one.”This Latin phrase has been a national motto of the U.S. since its founding. In just...

Virtual School, Real Failure

They call it “Zoom fatigue.” Sitting at a desk, staring at a small picture of yourself and a screen full of small boxes with pictures...

PARRISH: Unity Is The Critical Course of Action for Virginia Republicans

The Republican Party is at the stage of determining its survival, by either crushing this division or falling victim to its cancerous inculcation.

VHHA Opens Podcast Series Featuring Republican, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates

Virginia's Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) has some excellent podcasts on health care policy in Virginia, interviewing Republicans and Democrats alike.