Saturday, September 23, 2023

HANER: Virginia’s Balance Sheet Almost Embarrassingly Strong

Virginia's budget is awash in taxpayer money, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner -- almost too much.

CORTEZ: Ending Human Trafficking Should Be Multi-Partisan Concern

Just because Republicans are leading the charge against sex trafficking shouldn't mean that Democrats instinctively oppose it, writes Daniel Cortez.

Governor Youngkin Still Won’t Rule Out White House Run

It's not so much what he's saying but what he's consciously leaving out. Campaigning for Republican candidates in the...

Webb’s Last Ditch Attempt to Save the Confederate Monument at Arlington

The Biden administration has ordered the removal of the Confederate memorial at Arlington by the end of 2023. 

HANER: Only One Army Showing Up in War Over Fossil Fuels

The ban on fossil fuels to drive Virginia's energy economy isn't just making electric bills more expensive, but is undermining energy security in pursuit of a sentiment bordering the religious, writes TJIPP's Haner.

LEAHY: Major Report On Individual Tax Accounts Released – Was Yours Affected?

A new report from the Treasury inspector general for Tax Administration found that millions of sensitive, individual tax records have gone missing.

New Details Emerge In Virginia Elementary School Shooting Case

New information has come out about the alleged comments a 6-year-old boy made after shooting his teacher at a Newport News, Virginia, elementary school...

HANER: Senators Claim “Voodoo Estimating” in Battle Over Tax Cuts

Voters need to be clearly asked which they prefer, asks TJIPP's Stephen Haner: additional tax cuts coupled with substantial growth in spending, or an even higher uptick in spending with no relief to the taxpayer.

Why Should Virginians Pay for Youngkin’s Billion-Dollar Stadium Project?

Maryland and D.C. are already bidding to saddle their taxpayers with a multi-billion dollar sinkhole. Don't we have other problems to address in Virginia first?

Threats Don’t Go Well in a Small Town

Once again, Democrats can behave like Democrats... provided Republicans don't behave like Democrats. Why is that? What are they missing?