Sunday, January 19, 2020

Now What? Key Questions After The Virginia Blowout

The mid-term backlash seemed like it would be mild at best – it was anything but.

So How Bad Is It?

Don't expect national Democrats to throw good money after bad.  After all, why should they?

Google’s Contention With Conservatives On AI Ethics Council Shows Troubling Problem With Emergence

Humans values will manifest themselves in artificial intelligence and be amplified beyond reason. Its creation cannot be influenced by ideology.

WaPo: Racist LVF Northam Ad Backfires In Private Memo

No word on whether or not Northam will either repudiate the ad or return the $16,000 in donations his campaign received from LVF PAC.

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Appeal From Virginia GOP In Redistricting Case

Following weeks of impasses, mysterious "map makers," partisan power grabs, and motions to the Supreme Court, Virginia's redistricting case will now heard by the newly-cemented conservative high court.

DEQ’s Regulation On Forest Biomass Do Not Reflect Carbon Neutrality

As the forestry industry is imperative to Virginia's economy, the DEQ's new regulation does not reflect its carbon-neutral nature.

A Vile Attack on Del. Rocky Holcomb and his Family

  In past elections, we've asked our "independent" and "moderate" friends to consider our Republican candidates based on the issues. However, on this election eve,...

Governor Northam Alludes To New Redskins Stadium In Northern Virginia

Governor Ralph Northam predicts Super Bowl appearance for Redskins and speaks about new stadium in Virginia.

Virginia’s Democratic Legislators Pushing In-State Tuition For DACA Recipients

For example, at Virginia Commonwealth University, DACA recipients living in Virginia would only have to pay $14,490 in tuition and fees, much less than the $35,798 price tag for out-of-state students. 

The Virginia Way Cuts Through Political Muck, Revealing Creative Ways Towards Economic Growth

Delegate Will Morefield (R-Tazewell), a white conservative from the coalfields of Southwest Virginia, and Delegate Lashrecse Aird (D-Petersburg), a liberal African-American from the former industrial hub of Central Virginia, have teamed up to find creative ways to spur economic growth in politically diverse areas.