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Automation Is Coming and Virginia Is Woefully Underprepared

Over 60% of the U.S. workforce will be impacted by automation. Lucky enough, Virginia has $2.3bn in taxpayer-funded slush fund waiting to save the day.


For suburban Virginians and conservatives, the news couldn't be any better. 

Virginia Beach Man Threatens To Kill Rep. Scott Taylor Over Marijuana Policy

A Virginia Beach man identified as Wallace "Wally" Godwin has been charged with threatening to murder Congressman Scott Taylor.

Northam Gets $2 Million In Dark Money From Outside Virginia

August has not been kind to Northam. Dark money from outside Virginia doesn't bode well for Norhtam's backbone in the weeks to come.

FBI Investigating Pipe Bomb Found At Civil War Reenactment

Union and Confederate re-enactors fought as planned despite Antifa making good on their threats of violence... or nearly.

HILARIOUS: WaPo Doesn’t Realize They Lost The Election

This might flummox the editors at the Washington Post, but Republicans really did carry 51 seats in the House of Delegates... which means they won.

Comstock Promotes Peace Through Strength For America’s Military

As the U.S. military has suffered through sequestration, a rebuild is needed to promote "peace through strength," according to Barbara Comstock.

DIA Apparently Working On Warp Drive For Space Travel

It has been revealed that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) doesn't just specialize in covert and clandestine intelligence gathering and handling military-diplomatic relationships overseas. They, at the behest of Senator Harry Reid, have been researching faster-than-light travel.

Gillespie Won NOVA Chamber Endorsement Over Northam’s Opposition To Right To Work… Not Transgender...

This morning's Washington Post strays the line again: Northam spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel said the lieutenant governor is the “only person in the race that will keep...

Mason Dixon Poll Shows 55% of Virginians Support Offshore Drilling

Virginia's energy future has the full-throated support of taxpayers according to the latest Mason Dixon poll, with 59% in favor of offshore drilling.