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VA House Passes Bill Stopping Teens Buying Tobacco, Vaping Products

“Raising the legal age for tobacco purchases to 21 is a common sense way to address this escalating public health concern,” said Delegate Chris Stolle.

Daily Progress: Did UVA Anticipate Citronella Nazis On The Lawn?

More importantly, they were aware of what was about to happen, which only raises more questions as to who told police to "stand down".

Taylor Believes A Deal Can Be Made On Border Security, DACA

As the White House pushes for immigration reform and funding for border security, Congressman Scott Taylor believes a deal can be made on DACA.

VCU Poll Shows Virginians Split On Arming Teachers

As the nationwide debate on gun control and school safety continues, 47 percent of Virginians support arming teachers, while 49 percent disagree.

Dominion Energy Hosting Power The Future Student Hack-a-Thon

Dominion Energy is hosting their "Power the Future" hack-a-thon this summer to collaborate with students to provide solutions for the future of energy.

White House Celebrates President Trump’s 500th Day In Office

As the White House celebrates President Donald Trump's 500th day in office, they look back on many of the achievements that have helped keep Americans safe, and put people back to work.

Democrats Pressured To Donate Northam Political Funds To National Slavery Museum

“It is incredibly hypocritical to call for Governor Northam’s resignation while at the same time spend all of his donations,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson.

Drowning And Without Options, Virginia Democrats Cling To Single Payer Healthcare it because Northam is slipping from neck-and-neck contender to being on the wrong side of the margin of error in polls?

Conservative Federal Texas Judge Invalidates Affordable Care Act

Attempting to erase a "mistake" Chief Justice John Roberts made upholding the Obama-inspired law, Judge Reed O'Connor's decision may foreshadow the ACA's demise in a judicial circuit filled by conservative justices.

Rep. Scott Taylor Embraces His Conservative Edge; Key Figure Among Trump Advisors

At just 38, Scott Taylor is the kind of Republican candidate and office-holder that the new Republican Party is embracing.