Friday, July 10, 2020

Former Fox News Host Heather Nauert Rumored To Be Trump’s Pick For UN Ambassador

"She's excellent. She's been with us a long time. She's been a supporter for a long time. And she's really excellent," President Donald Trump said. "We'll probably make a decision next week. We have a lot of people that want the job and they're a lot of really great people."

Speaker Kirk Cox Talks About Possible Recommendations From Select Committee On School Safety

“We’re going to need to spend some money, but we’re going to need to spend it prudently,” Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) said, remarking on possible recommendations coming from the Select Committee on School Safety, which may include physical and technological security measures, but will be centered around student wellness.
cigarette tax

Richmond Councilman Wants Cigarette Tax For RPS Funding

After Mayor Levar Stoney levied his meals tax on Richmonders, Councilman Parker Agelasto also wants a cigarette tax to fund the RPS rebuild.

Fourth Circuit rules WW1 memorial unconstitutional

At what point does a memorial that has stood constitutionally for nearly a century become unconstitutional?

Joint Statement From Speaker Kirk Cox, GOP Leaders On Special Session

A joint statement has been released by Speaker Kirk Cox and the Republican leadership after bills introduced by the governor ahead of the special session.

VDOT Claims Fixing All Roads, Highways And Bridges Is Impossible

The roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels that make up the vast transportation network in Virginia are far from being considered in perfect condition. VDOT acknowledges this, but also says it's "impossible" to fix them all.

Charlottesville Has Become The Capital Of Irony

It is hard to put into the words the confusion and underlying irritation and complete resentment for those who accosted the City of Charlottesville for having a large police presence on the one-year anniversary of the riots that took three lives.

WILSON: Virginia Republicans Can’t Afford to Learn the Wrong Lessons

Ed Gillespie's campaign for Virginia governor made a ton of right moves and the numbers bear that out, writes Eric Wilson.

RSLC’s Unprecedented Play in Virginia

The outcome of the 2019 legislative elections is not what Republicans wanted to see, but it does not come without any silver linings. Democrats continue...

This Anti-Semitic Rage Against Comstock’s H.Res. 257 Should Be Ignored

Some absolutely shocking (but not surprising) hate is being directed at Rep. Barbara Comstock's House Resolution 257 -- and from predictable quarters.