Monday, June 27, 2022

Early Marks From CNU Wason Show Youngkin Approval at 41%

With the Virginia General Assembly at the crossover, the bureaucracy is picking winners and losers quickly. First and foremost is a new poll from the Christopher...

Over 500 VMI Graduates Sign Open Letter Demanding Investigation

"VMI and its alumni should be open to a rigorous examination of our alma mater to ensure that it reflects the values that it espouses."

Scott Taylor’s Record Wins Him Spot On 2018 Inside Business Power List

As a freshman Republican member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Scott Taylor has worked hard to make sure his first term in office is one worth remembering - so successful that it won him a spot on the 2018 Inside Business Power List

Republicans Want Answers on ATF Scheme to Ban Suppressors

Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) is leading an effort by 25 U.S. senators demanding the ATF explain its recent ruling on gun silencers...

Russians Say The Leak Inside International Space Station Is A Product Of Sabotage

A drill may have been used to create the two millimeter-wide hole in the side of the Russian Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft connected to the ISS, leading to claims of deliberate sabotage.

House Freedom Caucus Endorses Riggleman For Congress

Denver has fought together with the Freedom Caucus on the issues that matter most and has always stood up for Americans’ Constitutional rights,” said Congressman Biggs.

Monstrous Blizzard Leaves Hundreds – Including US Senator – in Scary Conditions

A monstrous blizzard has left Northern Virginia covered in as much as 18 inches of snow. Drivers on I-95 near Fredericksburg got the worst...

RNC Building An Army To Combat Midterm Elections

Following a year of massive fundraising, the RNC is set to do battle with Democrats in highly contested seats around the country during the midterms.

What beliefs are we instilling in our children with this ad?

What beliefs are we instilling in our children that see this ad? It's time all Virginians rose up against these extreme fear-mongering tactics in...

State Retirement Overages Could Become Problematic Under Northam’s Proposal

The Virginia Retirement System (VRS) estimates that Governor Ralph Northam's proposal would increase the long-term, unfunded liabilities by $33.7 million for the state fund, and $42.3 million for the sheriffs’ and deputies’ plan.