Monday, June 24, 2019
dawn adams

Whitbeck Rips Dawn Adams For Breaking Her Word, Double Dipping

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck demands Delegate Dawn Adams (D-68) choose -- either oversee federal grants or be a delegate, but end the conflict of interest.

Chalking Tires Now Deemed Unconstitutional On Fourth Amendment Grounds

A three-judge panel in Michigan has ruled that chalking a tire is a Fourth Amendment search, explaining further that it does not constitute a reasonable search.

Newly Released SOL Test Scores Show Decline In Virginia Schools

A decline in SOL scores around the state is compounded by their lack of weight on school accreditation.

In An Homage To Obama, Leslie Cockburn Promises Voters They Can Keep Employer Provided...

We've heard the "If you like it, you can keep it," phrase before, but now the Democratic candidate in VA-5 is repeating it for Medicare for All. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many people liked their insurance plan and their doctor, but they could not keep their insurance plan or their doctor...period.

Your 18 Minutes of Civilization

The best part? Stile Antico is coming to Richmond on Friday, April 6th at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

The Right Thing, Morally and Politically

There is an obvious temptation to value a Senate seat above our moral standards failings of a candidate. But you know what they say about temptation…

K-9 Officers Garner More Protections Against Abuse With GOP-Led Bill

As the Virginia State Senate is set to vote on legislation that would classify abusing a family pet a felony, they are setting their sights on providing the same measures against those who abuse or kill law enforcement animals.

Salon: Justice Anthony Kennedy A Major Architect Of American Legal Hell

In modern America, lifestyle and pop-culture publications are now attempting to be the go-to authorities on political analysis and federal jurisprudence. This, of course, presents a problem as the progressives penning pieces believe that being right is relative, and the proliferation one's feelings and opinions is more important that logic.

SOTU Address: Trump Loves America, Democrats Hate Everything

Trump's SOTU address was filled with praise, while Democrats continue to fight a losing battle against themselves -- and proven results.

Democratic Aggression Flounders Against Virginia’s Iron Lady

In the fight for VA-10, incumbent Barbara Comstock understands that all politics is local - voters won't be pressured by the larger progressive narrative.