Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ranked Choice Voting Growing In Popularity

Experts and advocates for the program claim it will increase voter participation among the public, provide a better variety of candidates for elected office, and reduce levels of political tribalism.

Underperformer Don Beyer Still Trying To “Bump Off” Overperformer Barbara Comstock

Democrats are in for a rather amazing surprise if they think VA-10 are easy pickings, as Comstock knows her home district better than any outsider. 

RPS Officials “Disappointed” With Mayor Stoney’s Budget

After a controversial tax hike, frivolous spending, and fights with the General Assembly, Mayor Stoney's budget is still seen as a disappointment for RPS.

Port of Virginia Takes On Another Monster Container Ship

More good news as the largest shipping vessel ever to call on the Eastern seaboard docks at the Port of Virginia this week.

Trump, Pence Commit To Flipping Virginia Republican In 2020

The first push in flipping the Commonwealth red is the upcoming 2019 elections, with all 140 seats in the General Assembly on the ballot in November.

Trump Welcomes Three Former North Korean Prisoners Back To U.S.

Hours before dawn on Thursday morning, under pitch-black skies, three Americans who have been held captive by the North Korean regime for over a year arrived safely at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington.

The 2016-17 Family Foundation Report Card Is Out

Good news coming out of the Virginia Family Foundation as their 2016-2017 General Assembly rankings are hot off the press.

Speaker Cox Reaffirms Virginia’s Commitment to Veterans During Policy Roundtable

Cox met with leaders from the American Legion and the Joint Leadership Council of Veteran Services Organizations to listen to concerns and discuss seven priority recommendations from the JLC intended to benefit Virginia's veterans.

‘Old Soviet Union’ Style Voting In Chesterfield County?

After missing volunteers, incorrect ballots, precincts with varying hours, and very long lines plagued Election Day in Chesterfield County, Virginia, one elections board member said the instances were tantamount to the "old Soviet Union."

Are Virginia Democrats Lying In Order To Steal An Election?

Who needs Russians when you have Virginia Democrats?