Thursday, July 29, 2021

Trump Rebukes Special Counsel For ‘Conflict Of Interest’ In Potentially ‘Devastating’ Report

On Monday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter criticizing the special counsel's handling of the investigation. The commander-in-chief is demanding that Mueller interview the "hundreds" of other campaign employees and associates involved in the 2016 election who had no contact with Russia.

Tim Kaine Talks Gun Control, But Nobody Talks About Fatherlessness

Fatherlessness doesn't fit the media's narrative. However, abuse, mental illness, gun violence, poverty, and crime hits broken boys the hardest.

Governor Northam Alludes To New Redskins Stadium In Northern Virginia

Governor Ralph Northam predicts Super Bowl appearance for Redskins and speaks about new stadium in Virginia.

CNU Wason: Stewart Holds Commanding Lead Over Jackson, Freitas

WIth 66% of GOP primary voters still undecided, it is Stewart 16%, Jackson 7%, and Freitas 6% -- with Raiklin at 1% and Misusawa not polled.

Ambassador Gilmore Discusses US Mission To OCSE

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is settling in nicely as US Ambassador to the OSCE.

Cox Releases Plan to Hold Big Tech Accountable

After pushing Northam to open Virginia's schools, Cox is on to the next big idea -- keeping the public square free from the heavy hand of censorship.

Panic Spreads From Northam To Herring; Adams Just Smiles Back

So it's personal after all for Herring.  

Democrats Pitch Ammunition Control As Answer To Gun Violence

The next legislative measure from gun control-happy lawmakers will target ammunition, but lacks clear constitutionality expressed in Heller v. D.C.

WaPo Agrees With Gillespie, Then Skewers Him For Being Right

Of course, one might argue that stalking a mother and her daughter in a dragnet outside of Gillespie's home is "poisonous" to the debate.

Stocks Down 425 As Tech Takes Hit; High 10-Year Treasury Yields

Stocks took a beating today as the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the trading day down 425 points, 1.73 percent. The market had a slight uptick from mid-day as the stock exchange was reporting the Dow was down at least 600 points at one point.