Thursday, January 20, 2022

After Two Centuries, White’s Ferry’s Future is on the Brink

Before it ceased operations in 2020, White's Ferry had dutifully transported people and goods across the Potomac River for 234 years. But after suspending operations...

Fitzgibbons: NFL Players Should Walk Mile In The Shoes of Police Officers…

“There's something you should know about police officers. They know what people are capable of in ways that most, thankfully, do not."

Wexton, Luria, Spanberger Cynically Hang Northam’s Failures on Youngkin

Such a move strikes any objective observer is patently cruel and characteristically cynical.

Daily Press Editorial Slams Woodruff Debate Question on Russia

Of course, Gillespie's call for 10 debates would help explore the issues the Daily Press editors are keen to get at... if Northam's handlers would allow it.

Amazon’s HQ2 Sparks Outrage From NOVA Democratic Socialists

As retail giant Amazon combs the continent for a location to build HQ2, outraged Democratic Socialists from Northern Virginia file FIOA requests.

House Republicans Highly Productive During 2018 General Assembly

House Republicans have voted down over $770 million in new taxes on hardworking Virginians from Democrats in the General Assembly.

Glenn Davis Promises ‘Jack Kemp-Style’ Campaign Of Ideas-Based, Optimistic Conservatism

"Like Jack Kemp, I'm not interested in just winning, but be worthy of winning," says Delegate Glenn Davis.
cigarette tax

Richmond’s Proposed Cigarette Tax Fiscally Irresponsible

Even after the widely unpopular and controversial meals tax increase, the Richmond City Council hits back again with a proposed cigarette tax.

VA Dems Executive Calls African-American Conservatives ‘Embarrassment To America’

"Dinesh D'Souza and the rest of that group are an embarrassment to America. We can't wait for them to exit our Commonwealth," said a Virginia Democratic Party spokesman as "Blexit" came to Richmond over the weekend.

Northam Politicizes Charlottesville In Desperate Last Minute Gamble

These are the tactics one might expect from Steve Bannon.  Not from those who claim to honor the Virginia Way.