Saturday, June 10, 2023

In An Homage To Obama, Leslie Cockburn Promises Voters They Can Keep Employer Provided...

We've heard the "If you like it, you can keep it," phrase before, but now the Democratic candidate in VA-5 is repeating it for Medicare for All. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many people liked their insurance plan and their doctor, but they could not keep their insurance plan or their doctor...period.

Politico: People Offended By Racist LVF Ad Probably Just Bots

The National Education Association (yes, that NEA) has decided that most of the reaction against the Northam LVF ad are bots -- not real Virginians.

Barbara Comstock Says President H. W. Bush Was ‘Courageous’ With ‘Deep Patriotism’ In Her...

"From serving as the youngest WWII pilot, a Member of Congress, Ambassador to the U.N., Ambassador to China, CIA Director, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Vice President, and President," Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (VA-10) said President George H. W. Bush "always served with distinction."

Rural Area Broadband Top Virginia Legislative Priority

Legislation seeking additional funding to bring broadband to rural Virginians has been named a top priority during the 2018 Session of the General Assembly.

Chevrolet’s Volt: A Car For The Future That Never Was

General Motors is cutting jobs in the restructuring of their company as cars that were subsidizing by the Obama-era White House have lost their hyped appeal and are not selling anymore in a future world that never came. With cheap oil and a deregulatory state, look for the SUV, crossover, and light-duty truck market to be dominated by the big-three American automakers.

Senator Amanda Chase’s Bill For Emergency Personnel To Carry Concealed Weapons Passes Committee Vote

After generating serious buzz by presenting her bill while packing heat, legislation to allow emergency services personnel in Virginia to carry a concealed weapon made it out of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee Wednesday night.
prison reform

New Prison Reform Bills Show Deep Divide In Washington

As prison reform legislation is next on the docket for President Trump and the White House, deep divides are being revealed between the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Governor Youngkin Announces Bode Technology Investing $2 Million for Fairfax County Expansion

Governor Youngkin has announced in a press release today, that Bode Technology, a Fairfax-based leading provider of forensic services, will invest $2 million to...

Will New Footage Resolve Norfolk Police Lawsuit?

It began with a police pursuit over a busted headline — on a bicycle, and ended with a tackle followed by a lawsuit. Now, newly...

24th House District’s Special Election Winner Is Republican Ronnie Campbell

The race has been called for Republican Rockbridge County Supervisor Ronnie Campbell to succeed Congressman-elect Ben Cline (VA-6) in the Virginia House of Delegates.