Friday, December 8, 2023

Believe It Or Not, Google Does Track Your Location, Even When The Setting Is...

Big brother tech is watching, even though people thought they could mask the all-seeing eye of Google.

Bombshell Op-Ed Slamming President Trump Draws In Conspiracy Theory Speculations

The aftermath of the anonymous New York Times op-ed shows that the saga of the Trump Presidency continues to get weirder day after day.

GOP Legislation Champions Breastfeeding, Parental Leave, And Reduced Tax On Women’s Hygiene Products

While tackling big-ticket legislation in this year's session like $1 billion in tax relief, the Virginia GOP also passed measures to help mothers and families.

Poll Finds Majority Of Virginians Oppose Northam’s Middle Class Tax Hike

60 percent of residents in the Commonwealth prefer the tax plan from House Republicans, returning tax collections to middle-class taxpayers by allowing them to keep existing state tax itemizations they would lose under Governor Northam’s plan. Just 29 percent supported Northam’s plan of direct payments to low-income families who qualify for the EITC.
Music Modernization Act

Goodlatte’s Music Modernization Act To Revolutionize Streaming Industry

Congress will take up a bill later this week from Republican Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) that will revolutionize the music industry and how the makers of music are paid and compensated. Called the Music Modernization Act, it would benefit songwriters and producers that are currently subject to a system over 100 years old. 

Democrats In Revolt As Workfare Requirements Dawn On Progressives

While Democrats seethe at workfare requirements across Medicaid, the real possibility of closing the coverage gap while reforming entitlements is there.

Waning Support For $2.5 Billion Amazon Deal, VCU Poll Shows

In December, 68 percent of Virginians supported the hefty deal between the Commonwealth and tech and retail giant Amazon, with just 49 percent of Virginians approving of the deal one month later.

NOVA Democrats Abandon I-66 Reform

Democrats must be held accountable for making promises to voters about transportation in NOVA. Republicans are the only ones working to fix I-66.

Youngkin Calls for Early Election for Loudoun Co. School Board

Governor Youngkin has amended a bill that puts all nine Loudoun County School Board members on the ballot during this year’s November election cycle,...

Searching For a Better Approach To Diversity

That others made more coherent arguments on Damore's behalf isn’t evidence he should keep his job; it says other people are better at this sort of thing.