Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Virginia Senate Passes Equal Rights Amendment, Sent To House of Delegates

Virginia is close to becoming the 38th state to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, but the legislation now faces a House of Delegates where it has died five times in the past eight years.

This Election Is About Joe Biden

No Christian should vote for a president who is bound and controlled by a government that persecutes our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Courts Rule HOD-94 Tie; Drawing Of Lots On Schedule Despite Snow Forecast

Newport News Circuit Court has ruled that the election in HOD-94 is indeed a tie, which means that the drawing by lots as prescribed by law will proceed.

Virginia Woman Finds Snake Inside Her Bag At Grocery Store

A woman in southwest Virginia got the surprise of a lifetime when she discovered a snake inside a bag of popcorn at her local...

Ghoulish Chris Hurst Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know He Is Actually a Democrat

Apart from advertising who paid for the mailer, Hurst would really prefer that you don't think of him as a Daily Kos endorsed Democrat.

CNU Wason: Northam +7 In Yet Another Flawed Poll

CNU Wason argues that Northam's three-point bump is the result of a "Trump Effect" -- without showing what Trump's favorables actually are.

Is There A Blueprint For Republican Victory in Northern Virginia?

Can Republicans remain competitive in Northern Virginia? When one welds together the center-right, the answer is a surprising and resounding yes.

Del. Anderson Revives Political Battle over Menhaden Reduction Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay

After dead menhaden fish washed ashore on Silver Beach in Northampton County on July 5, Delegate Tim Anderson (R-Virginia Beach) is reviving an old...

Report: Virginia Dept. of Education Promoted Critical Race Theory Despite Repeated Denials

Fox News reports that the Virginia Department of Education's (VDOE) website extolls critical race theory as a means of fighting racism. The revelation further...

Ed Gillespie Remains A Class Act

Gillespie sets the record straight, slams the media narrative, and shows the depth of character anyone who comes to know the man will instantly respect.