Tuesday, April 20, 2021

VHHA: Despite Concerns, Medicaid Expansion Retains Support

71% of Virginians support the Republican-brokered deal according to a new poll.

Conservative Federal Texas Judge Invalidates Affordable Care Act

Attempting to erase a "mistake" Chief Justice John Roberts made upholding the Obama-inspired law, Judge Reed O'Connor's decision may foreshadow the ACA's demise in a judicial circuit filled by conservative justices.

House Republicans Stand Strong Against Northam’s Metro Amendments

As Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was set to amend Metro legislation and take more funding from taxpayers, House Republican stood strong against.

More Jobs Than There Are People To Fill Them As U.S. Economy Roars On

As the U.S. jobless rate remains at a half-century low at 3.7 percent, the total number of job openings - 7,136,000 - dominates the actual number of people still looking for a job - 6,230,000.
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Secret Recording Reveals NFL Owners Frightened By Trump

Last October, NFL team owners, league executives, and player leaders held a confidential meeting at the league's headquarters in New York City to address President Donald Trump's attacks against the player protests.

ISIS Defeated In Last Stronghold By U.S.-Backed Forces

U.S.-backed military troops are now bringing down the black flags of ISIS that have flown over the territories held by the brutal pseudo-regime that ruled over eight million people.

I-66 Beltway Tolls To Be Tweaked And Lower Target Speeds Pushed

After tolls in early April hit $46 on the I-66 Capital Beltway, frustrating and emptying the pockets of drivers, there may be changes coming soon to lower rush hour prices for Northern Virginia drivers.

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Says All Trump Supporters Are Nazis

As the resistance movement continues, MSBNC's Donny Deutsch compares all Trump supporters to Nazis, calls on Democrats to build referendum on Republican voters.

DNC Cyberattack Thwarted One Week After Russians Targeted GOP Infrastructure

The cyberattacks on the American political system put pressure on the White House to double down on Russia before the midterm elections.

Terry McAuliffe Misleads Public Over His K-12 Education Funding While Governor

The former Virginia governor and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate may want to consider inflation when boasting about budgets.