Monday, October 2, 2023

PRIOR: Juan Pablo Segura and the Perils of Educational Reform in Virginia

For several years, parents in Loudoun County, Virginia have been clamoring for accountability, transparency, higher standards, and safety in their schools. They haven’t been...

GOTTLIEB: Biden Admin Sinks To New Low In Latest Anti-Gun Crusade

The Biden administration has sunk to a new low in its anti-gun crusade, reportedly withholding funds from schools that have hunting or...

FOTIS: Reviving The Meaning Of July 4th

As fireworks burst across the night sky, the Fourth of July serves as a reminder of the profound significance of America's day...

TURNER: Virginia Democrats Have New Tourism Twist

Enjoy our beaches! See our history! Get an abortion? Olivia Gans Turner with the Virginia Society for Human Life doesn't appreciate the abortion industry's push one bit.

BLAKELY: Why Do We Love Tucker So Much?

Tucker Carlson’s recent ousting from Fox News has generated considerable controversy, conversation, and speculation across the political spectrum. As host of the most-watched cable...
dominion energy

HANER: Our Energy Regulatory System is Broken in Virginia

Working folks and the poor will feel real pain. Only the rich can look at the future and yawn.

Strickland Touts Best-In-State Grassroots Support

Virginia State Senate candidate Matt Strickland - a veteran and Spotsylvania County business owner - joined Common Sense America host Eden Gordon-Hill to discuss...

LINGAMFELTER: Virginia General Assembly and Congress: A tale of two legislatures

This month, two legislatures convened within 90 miles of each other. Following a raucous start, the U.S. House of Representatives — along with a...

LINGAMFELTER: Economics 101

Recently I learned that the fast food chain McDonald’s will be further automating their ordering system. Now they will need fewer people. I don’t patron fast-food...

LIPSMAN: America’s $45B Christmas Gift to Zelenskyy

At the tail end of Congress' 2022 lame-duck session, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy visited Washington, DC making stops at the White House and on Capitol...