VA-08 GOP nominee Karina Lipsman. Photo by Victoria Snitsar Churchill.

President Joe Biden signed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” this afternoon.

The House of Representatives passed the bill with a 220-207 party-line vote late Friday – with Republicans unified in their opposition.

Every Democrat voted in favor of the bill, including about 80 who stubbornly chose to vote by proxy, despite a last-minute GOP plan to get “as many members as possible to vote by proxy” to prevent Democrats from having a physical quorum on the House floor.

Congressman Don Beyer (D-Va.) not only voted in favor of the legislation but also cast proxy votes on behalf of a number of Democrat members who could not make it to Washington in person to vote on the legislation.

VA-08’s Republican nominee Karina Lipsman told The Republican Standard the following about her incumbent opponent’s actions last week:

“There’s a clear contrast here: my opponent has repeatedly voted to raise northern Virginians’ household costs. His vote on one bill alone raised inflation a significant amount last year according to Federal Reserve economists. Of course, his votes to raise taxes and make inflation worse don’t affect him. I know that his terrible voting record affects regular people, and it affects me. I grew up in Soviet Ukraine so I know that when you have the opportunity to get rid of a failed leader, you should take it. Speaking of failed leaders, Beyer continuously helps groups of House members vote by proxy, which many believe is an abdication of their duty to show up and vote in person as elected officials.”

Though the bill would have passed regardless, congressional Republicans still hope that a company adversely affected by the onerous tax provisions will sue to challenge the constitutionality of the Act.

The legislation also passed the Senate earlier with a count of 51-50 when Vice President  showed up to cast the tie-breaking vote. The Senate showed up to vote in person last week as there is no proxy voting allowed in the chamber. The House is a different story.

After the legislation was signed by President Biden today, Lipsman took to Twitter to tell VA-08 about the exact toll that Beyer and Biden’s new bill will take on Northern Virginia families.

Today’s signing of the “Inflation Reduction Act” is just the latest example of how Beyer and Biden are two peas in the same pod – working to break the backs of hardworking Northern Virginians.

In a statement released yesterday, Lipsman made several clear distinctions about herself and her incumbent opponent – especially when it comes to the pocketbook policies that affect northern Virginians.

“I’m running for Congress because Don Beyer keeps voting against our economic interests, and no one is surprised that he’s playing fast-and-loose with the facts about the damage his votes have caused. His economic track record is terrible and Virginia voters are being hurt because of his actions. I’ll be making sure that northern Virginians know a better option is available in November — I’m focused on getting costs down and fixing the economy that Don Beyer broke.”