Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney Steve Descano. Photo from his campaign Facebook page (Steve Descano).

A left-wing prosecutor whose election was funded by liberal billionaire  is being sued by the mother of a child rape victim after he botched the case’s prosecution.

It’s the latest example of a Soros-backed prosecutor showing leniency to, or fumbling the prosecution of, a pedophile, in a case that has even the rapist’s attorney questioning the prosecution.

Amber Reel is suing Fairfax County,  Commonwealth Attorney  in federal court, after Descano failed to share evidence with defense attorneys, allowing her 11-year-old son’s accused rapist, his uncle Ronnie Reel, to escape with only time served.

Under the law, the judge was required to dismiss the case.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

A grand jury had already indicted Reel in February for sodomy and aggravated sexual battery, and the case was set for trial in September. But Descano’s office didn’t share evidence with the public defender before trial, bungling Reel’s prosecution with its “woefully, woefully missed” deadlines. The case’s presiding judge said Descano’s office did a “disservice to the victim” and was “very concerning to the court.”

Because he dodged a felony sex  conviction, Reel won’t have to register as a sex offender and won’t be barred from holding jobs in schools or other places that would put him near children. The victim and his mother in their suit say Descano’s “deliberate indifference represents egregious conduct that is shocking to the conscience.”…

…Fairfax County circuit court chief judge Penney Azcarate confirmed in court that Reel’s case was “not the first time” she saw a failure by Descano’s office lead to charges being dismissed, according to a September court transcript. By failing to provide evidence, Azcarate added, the office had broken the law.

The Free Beacon notes Descano allowed another accused sex offender to walk free in July, failing to share evidence after he was accused of soliciting sex from a minor online.

Amber Reel also claims Descano also failed to notify her of the plea deal, as required.

It’s also not the first time a Soros prosecutor has gone easy on sex offenders. In neighboring Loudoun County, Virginia, Soros-funded Commonwealth Attorney  hired a convicted pedophile to manage databases, which included information on child sex crime victims.

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