Democrats and police have steadily drifted apart since then-Sen. Joe Biden sponsored the 1994 crime bill.

In the decades since, the party has declared war on police. Criticizing their job performance with broad brush strokes is routine. Emboldened by the hard left turn, activist prosecutors like Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby left entire police departments unable or unwilling to do their jobs out of frustration and fear of political retribution.

The situation confronting our men and women in blue is not merely unsustainable. It is immoral. While law enforcement has historically refrained from entering the political arena, the current situation demands action.

Given the reality of what two more years of unchecked Democratic rule would mean for peace officers, The League for Law Enforcement has partnered with Sheriff . The newfound alliance hopes to emphasize the threat the White House and its lackeys in Congress pose to law enforcement through a targeted public awareness campaign. Without delay, it’ll premier Tuesday night on Fox News Channel.

Clarke raises a salient question during the ad: If voters don’t hold Democrats responsible for their disastrous policies, who will?

A press release from The League has more on its partnership with the iconic Sheriff Clarke:

The League for Law Enforcement, a project of The League for Sportsmen, Law Enforcement and Defense, Inc., is a composite of what America is fighting for under the current administration. The League represents sportsmen, hunters, law enforcement, and others who in the past have been the mainstay of our society. The League stands for the defense of our Constitutional Rights, our inalienable rights protected by the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and the eight other amendments in our Bill of Rights. This is what “The League” is about: Equality, Diversity, Law and Order, and Freedom!

Sheriff David Clarke is proud to partner with The League in their critical efforts to support the brave men and women of law enforcement who risk their lives daily to serve and protect our families, and fight back against the Democratic Party’s dangerous and reckless “defund” and anti-police rhetoric.

To see the ads, tune into Fox News Channel. The League’s ads will be airing between 6:00 PM and midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Recent studies have linked the nationwide homicide surge to defunded departments made up of cops lacking the resources to do their jobs or with their hands tied behind their backs — or both.

Perhaps most ominously, ambush-style attacks against law enforcement have risen exponentially since 2020. According to the latest statistics from the FBI, the murder of police officers increased by nearly 60% in 2021.

Should the status quo remain in Washington, this crisis will continue with no end in sight.

Given all this, it isn’t surprising that law enforcement and their families have abandoned the Democratic Party en masse. However, their public opposition is a relatively new phenomenon.

With officers, retired cops and their biggest advocates speaking out in greater numbers every day, the Democrats’ breathtaking mistake of embracing the “defund the police” movement has become apparent to all but the most hardened ideologues.

This article originally appeared in American Liberty News. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of The Republican Standard. Republished with permission.