Matthew T. Rader via Wikimedia Commons

Political outsider, successful business leader and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin’s campaign spokeswoman Macaulay Porter released the following statement after it was revealed that Dominion Energy has so far spent hundreds of thousands of dollars funding Accountability Virginia PAC, a deceptive political group airing false attack ads against Youngkin on behalf of Terry McAuliffe:

“40-year politician Terry McAuliffe is running scared, so he’s done what politicians do: call in their special interest cronies to dump obscene amounts of money into shadowy organizations that play dirty tricks in order to protect their entrenched interests. McAuliffe must answer why he asked Dominion for a quarter million dollars to spend against Glenn Youngkin instead of asking Dominion why they’ve increased energy prices on Virginians at an alarming rate. As the cost of living continues to skyrocket, Terry McAuliffe doesn’t stand with Virginians, he stands with special interests who bankroll false attacks against Glenn.

“Glenn Youngkin is winning on his message of being an outsider running against politics as usual, so it’s no surprise that desperation has set in for the ruling-class that sees their power slipping away.”

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