LEAHY: Major Report On Individual Tax Accounts Released – Was Yours Affected?

A new report from the Treasury inspector general for Tax Administration found that millions of sensitive, individual tax records have gone missing. The inspector general… …identified significant deficiencies in the IRS’s safeguarding, accounting for, and physical storage of its microfilm backup cartridges. For example, our physical inspection found empty boxes labeled as including microfilm backup […]

PRIOR: Juan Pablo Segura and the Perils of Educational Reform in Virginia

For several years, parents in Loudoun County, Virginia have been clamoring for accountability, transparency, higher standards, and safety in their schools. They haven’t been getting it, and that’s why new leadership is needed. The brunt of the parents’ grievances has been largely directed toward the Loudoun County School Board, which has been embroiled in several […]

GOTTLIEB: Biden Admin Sinks To New Low In Latest Anti-Gun Crusade

The Biden administration has sunk to a new low in its anti-gun crusade, reportedly withholding funds from schools that have hunting or archery programs as part of their curriculum. Fox News is reporting the administration “is blocking key federal funding earmarked under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 for schools with hunting […]

FOTIS: Reviving The Meaning Of July 4th

As fireworks burst across the night sky, the Fourth of July serves as a reminder of the profound significance of America’s day of independence and freedom. This day should hold immense importance in the hearts of Americans, resonating with the values of liberty, sacrifice and bravery; however, many of these values have been forgotten. Forgotten […]

LEAHY: Republicans Must Change Their Messaging, Or Face The Consequences

The tone of the GOP presidential race, so far, has been diffused, angry, and in recent days, focused almost entirely on the former incumbent’s legal perils. Perhaps that’s understandable. Turning a bright light on the failings – real and imagined – of the current incumbent and his party is a tried and true political strategy. […]