Brainwashed Kids Sue State For Not Giving Them Special Treatment

Two transgender students in Virginia have initiated legal action against the state, contesting recent guidelines restricting transgender students’ participation in sports teams aligned with their gender identities and permitting teachers to reject preferred names and pronouns. Filed in state court, the first case involves a transgender high school girl in York County who alleges that […]

Democrats Push Minimum Wage Proposal Through On Party Line Votes

Governor Youngkin may soon have to veto one influential proposal that has been passed by both chambers of the Virginia legislature. Democrats in both the Virginia House of Delegates and the now the Virginia Senate have pushed through proposals to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15.00 an hour starting in 2026. ABC8 reported the […]

Powerful Senate Democrat Deals Blow To Youngkin’s Stadium Dreams

During a Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee meeting in Richmond Monday,  Democrat Louise Lucas, who chairs the committee, obstructed a critical bill linked to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s plans for a professional sports complex in Northern Virginia. Lucas expressed reservations about the governor’s proposed bill, citing numerous unanswered questions and potential conflicts of interest. The governor […]

Youngkin Looks To Change State Policy On AI

Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has signed an executive order to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) use in state agencies and education. Acknowledging the long-standing use of AI by state agencies, particularly in processing data and automating decisions, Youngkin aims to establish guidelines for ethical AI use. The order emphasizes the need for human oversight to […]

Youngkin Takes Stand Against Minimum Wage Hike, Advocates for Market-Led Solutions

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has indicated his opposition to a proposed minimum wage hike, asserting that the free market is effectively addressing labor concerns. In a recent statement, Governor Youngkin expressed skepticism about the necessity of government-mandated wage increases, emphasizing his belief that businesses are voluntarily responding to labor shortages by raising wages. Youngkin contends […]

Legislators Advance Ban On Cell Phone Usage During School Hours

Virginia’s school boards are considering the implementation of cellphone bans during regular school hours, with recent support from the state Senate. The legislation, which received a 36-3 vote, now awaits approval from the House of Delegates and Gov. Glenn Youngkin to take effect. Advocates argue that empowering school boards to develop policies against cellphone use […]

New Evidence Links Infamous Virginian To Notorious Crimes

In a major breakthrough, Virginia authorities have identified the late Alan W. Wilmer Sr. as the perpetrator in three cold cases dating back to the 1980s, revealing the connection six years after his 2017 death. Posthumous DNA analysis linked Wilmer to the murders of David L. Knobling, 20, and Robin M. Edwards, 14, in Isle […]

Virginia’s Recreational Marijuana Rollout Faces Regulatory Roadblock

The anticipation for the commencement of recreational marijuana sales in the state at the onset of the new year has been met with a series of regulatory setbacks. Despite the General Assembly’s landmark decision to legalize cannabis in 2021, the planned initiation of recreational sales faced delays. Proposed bills aimed at establishing a regulatory framework […]

Governor Youngkin Urges Elimination Of Car Tax

By Steven Symmes; The Auto Wire There are some people who make much fanfare about how proud they are to pay their taxes to the point we truly wonder what they’re really doing. After all, any normal person sees the absolute waste like how much government agencies supposedly pay for toilet seats and in turn loathe how much of […]