Saturday, June 10, 2023

CRESPO: Thousands of Unborn Lives Saved In Dobbs Aftermath

While the establishment media, partisan Democrats, and the left in general, have been raving madly about abortion rights since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision...

Just Admit It, Liberal Christians: You’re Pagans

There is so little that distinguishes today’s liberal Christians from the ancient Pagans to whom the gospel was originally preached, they would be more...

REEVES: Put Virginia First, Confirm Haspel

Gina Hapsel's nomination shouldn't be held hostage to Mark Warner's political gamesmanship, writes State Senator Bryce Reeves (R-17).

Filler-Corn: It’s Unconscionable to Reject Ideas, Unless They’re Republican Ideas

It’s different if you’re a Democrat, apparently. Not only do Democrats get a free pass to stay in office after appearing in blackface, they also...

COX: Campaigns Should Not Pressure RPV To Reverse Convention

Cox: "Neither my campaign team nor I will pressure—directly or indirectly—the Party into choosing one nomination method over another."

Top Issue in Voters’ Minds and Early Voting Metrics Has Campaigns on Edge

In contrast to Fox News' latest survey, a new poll by The Washington Post-Schar School shows the Virginia governor's race within the...

LINGAMFELTER: Exactly! The Presumptive “Our”

Scott Lingamfelter writes about the tyranny of "our" and the immediate implication of "their".

Turns Out Voters Just Aren’t That Enthusiastic About Killing Babies

Forget the dead cat bounce. The dead baby bounce just isn't there for the Dems.
dominion energy

HANER: Complex Energy Bill Will Raise Costs to Customers

The Virginia General Assembly may be captured by fights over abortion and taxes, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, but the deepest reach into your pockets will involve your energy bills.