Monday, May 23, 2022

Filler-Corn: It’s Unconscionable to Reject Ideas, Unless They’re Republican Ideas

It’s different if you’re a Democrat, apparently. Not only do Democrats get a free pass to stay in office after appearing in blackface, they also...

COX: Campaigns Should Not Pressure RPV To Reverse Convention

Cox: "Neither my campaign team nor I will pressure—directly or indirectly—the Party into choosing one nomination method over another."

Republican Woman of Color Set to Make History Tomorrow

Sponsored Help Winsome Sears - Flip Virginia Red! Tomorrow won't be the first time Winsome Sears attempts to make history. The conservative trailblazer pioneered a strategy...

The Weak Russia Hypothesis

One really hates to keep coming back to a recurring theme in the pages of this publication regarding the mishandling of the Russian Federation...

Op-Ed: An Open Letter To Virginia Republicans

We must oppose any candidate associated with hatred and segregation of any kind.  We must offer no comfort and no quarter.   

DANNENFELSER: Northam Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote

Dannenfelser: "We need a governor of Virginia who can hear and see the truth of the humanity of these small, precious human beings."

Should Virginia Republicans Begin Imitating Maryland? Ask Roger Scruton…

Conservatism should be a defense of government against its abuse by liberals.

Governor Northam, Democrats Fundamentally Dishonest on Short Term Health Plans

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, even if your constituents demand it. It’s a simple lesson, but one that Governor Northam and...

General Milley: None Dare Call It Treason

General Mark Milley did more to undermine democracy than any other person in America.

Miyares Knocks First Hire Out of the Park; Sears Shines at ALEC

Meanwhile, Youngkin's discipline and interview-by-committee approach indicates a move towards serious-minded pragmatism in Richmond. Some good news this morning as Attorney General-elect Jason Miyares announced his...