Saturday, June 10, 2023

Michelle Obama Cashing In The Limelight With Beyoncé Style Book Tour

Michelle Obama's $40 million net worth is set to skyrocket even higher once her memoir debuts, with the book deal reportedly being worth over $65 million, but no exact sum has been confirmed...and neither has the identify of the woman impersonating her in the official White House portrait.

Jennifer Wexton Cozies Up To #MeToo Denier Billionaire Michael Bloomberg

If Jennifer Wexton wishes to support those who "so clearly need a champion fighting for them," survivors of sexual abuse and harassment, shouldn't she back away from someone who denies #Metoo claims? Or, will she just take the money and run like she did with the Metro labor union?

Left-Wing Activists Dream Of Closing One-Third Of U.S. Coal Plants By 2020

How dare you support "dirty coal," says Nancy Pelosi and Michael Bloomberg. Look at the great work those roiling successes like Solyndra, Abound Solar, First Solar, and A123 Systems did. Closing 500 coal plants - what could possibly go wrong?

Jobless Claims Remain At Half-Century Low, Stock Market Reaches Record High

"The U.S. market is responding to this foundation of economic strength...With a [reading] that high, it's very unlikely that there's a recession on the horizon," said Tracie McMillion, global head of asset allocation for the Wells Fargo Investment Institute.

West Virginia Court Orders Temporary Stay On Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction

After multiple delays involving work stoppages and regulatory issues, the Mountain Valley Pipeline service date has now been pushed back from late 2018 to late 2019.

Interstate 81, Economy, Healthcare Top Topics For Candidates Running In 8th Virginia House District

After the retirement of Delegate Greg Habeeb, residents in the greater Roanoke area will choose a new state legislator on November 6. Republican Joe McNamara and Democrat Carter Turner have two very different philosophies about the role of government.

Trump Administration To Give Pentagon More Autonomy Over Conducting Counter Cyberattacks

After foreign actors have launched cyberattacks against the U.S., a new defense directive will give the military more authority to act on its own in instances of offensives - even if it ends up being against computer networks based in allied countries.

Obama Claiming Credit For Booming Economy Doesn’t Hold Up To Fact Checkers

When the former cheerleaders of the Obama Administration begin to criticize the former president, that means something is definitely wrong with the narrative. Fact checkers have proven that "Obama doesn’t always tell the straight story," and President Trump deserves a lot of credit for the booming U.S. economy.

What The Democrats Are Doing To Kavanaugh Should Bother You

It doesn't have to be true, you see.  It just has to fit a narrative. 

DCCC Chairman Worried About Record Fundraising By Outside GOP Groups

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican Super PAC, has raised over $100 million, causing the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to be concerned for first-time candidates that are fundraising on their own.