Friday, January 21, 2022

Virginian-Pilot Expected To Cut 10% Of Its Workforce

In many respects, the Virginian-Pilot is ahead of the curve, even if the painful decisions today are precisely that.

Northam’s Restoration of Rights To Violent Felons Had One Major Problem…

McAuliffe decided upon a policy of mass release -- doing by autopen what a Virginia governor ought to do by consultation and careful advisement.

DPVA Starts Fairfaxing Challengers; Leaves Dozens In The Cold

If it wasn't clear before, the progressive split with the liberal faction of the Virginia Democratic Party is open, ruptured, and a bloody mess. 

Gun Grabbers Give Northam $400K; Herring $300K… Fairfax Gets Nothing

Fairfax is cut loose as gun-grabbers come to play in Virginia -- making good on Bloomberg's promise to interfere in Virginia elections.

Filkins: Northam Is Bad News For Lyme Sufferers

Op-Ed: Northam's noted opposition to a bill notifying patients about the partially reliable results of Lyme disease tests puts victims at risk.

Remso Republic Podcast: Making Coolidge Cool Again

Coolidge represents today a man whose reputation could only be properly examined through the pages of history.

How Ridiculous Can the Pronoun Argument Get?

There is a transcendent philosophical case to be made against the incorporation of new pronouns besides the evident historical trend of pronoun consolidation instead of expansion.

Virginian-Pilot: IED Caused Explosion In Colonial Williamsburg

FBI confirms that an explosion within Colonial Williamsburg came from an improvised explosive device late Thursday evening in a heavily trafficked area.

RTD: Salary Increases Driving $491.8m State Education Gap

New numbers from the Virginia Department of Education reveal the critical need for education reform in Virginia.

AFP-VA Drops Seven-Figure Ad Campaign In Virginia

AFP's willingness to commit seven-figures to Gillespie's race means that their internals are showing the race isn't just winnable -- but achievable.