Tom Steyer

He’s back, and he brought his checkbook. Again.

Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer, the radical environmentalist known for dropping $40 million on an effort to impeach President Trump, has pledged $1 million to help Virginia Democrats who support abortion until the moment of birth, gun control, and higher energy taxes.

The Washington Post, which first reported the investment, said Steyer’s interest is primarily in younger “millennial” voters ages 18-35.

In addition to attacking Republicans, Steyer’s organization will be spending money to defend vulnerable Democrats like Del. Dawn Adams in Richmond and Chris Hurst near Blacksburg.

“While Tom Steyer is busy cutting checks to elect radical liberals in Virginia, he should send one to the millions of taxpayers whose electricity bills would nearly double under the Democrats’ proposed energy tax hike,” said David Abrams, a spokesman for the Republican State Leadership Committee.

“Of course, we know he’ll leave it to them to pick up the tab, so Virginians should remember this: Tom Steyer spending more of his money, means you will have less of yours.”

Democrats credit Steyer’s work in organizing on college campuses with flipping a number of House seats in the 2017 campaign, particularly at Virginia Tech, Redford, and Christopher Newport University.