Del. Mark Levine, D-Alexandria

In late January, Democrat Del. Kathy Tran sparked a firestorm when she told a House panel that her bill would allow abortion until the moment of birth. Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam poured gas on the fire with his “the infant would be made comfortable” comment.

But neither of those comments hold a candle to Facebook comments by Del. Mark Levine, D-Alexandria, this week.

Engaging with a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent, Levine said that. illegal immigrants deserve better treatment, he said, but unwanted children are “unimportant as unwanted hair or fingernails.”

“See, I think immigrants and women are people. But I think unwanted sperm and eggs are as unimportant as unwanted hair or fingernails,” Levine wrote.

But he didn’t stop there. Levine attacked the former ICE employee for enforcing the law.

“I see you used to be in border enforcement. So perhaps you enjoyed sadistically separating crying children from their parents and treating them worse than we treat the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay,” Levine wrote. “But unlike you, I value both women AND children. I consider them human and deserving of dignity.

Immigrants deserve respect, he said. The unborn? Not so much.

“Conversely, I don’t consider the trillions of sperm or eggs discarded every day to be sacred. That’s right, I DON’T save used condoms and material from menstrual discharges. And I don’t care if one million frozen embryos are discarded either,” he said.

Levine was a co-patron of Tran’s House Bill 2491.