Flooding in Buchanan County via Virginia Department of Emergency Management https://twitter.com/VDEM/status/1547230414225514503/photo/1

In an update to the flood that devastated Buchanan County and had Youngkin call for a state of emergency, authorities said Thursday that every person who was reported to be missing has been accounted for.

In a statement to Fox News, Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Eric Breeding confirmed the report:

“Today, we are happy to report that zero people were unaccounted for in the impact area,” he said.

“Crews were out all night last night and there [were] five crews out all this morning reaching to those in the flooded area that were reported missing on our hotline yesterday and they were all located.,” Breeding added.

Images of the aftermath showed roadways washed out, bridges obstructed and cars that had been swept away. Homes were also moved off of their foundations and rescue efforts had been hindered by mudslides.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management said crews would continue wellness checks on an “as-needed basis.”

“We also want to stress that looting of any kind will not be tolerated,” he said.

As previously reported, Governor Youngkin issued a state of emergency following the flooding and devastation. In his statement declaring the emergency, Youngkin said the “Commonwealth is assisting with ongoing response and recovery operations which includes providing assets and supplies to our local partners. The Virginia Emergency Support Team will continue to support this incident.”

While the residents may have been found alive, the town has still faced massive devastation. Authorities have said that people who want to help can make a donation to the nonprofit United Way or, more immediately, take cleaning supplies to Twin Valley Elementary School.