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In case you missed it, a courageous Virginia mother appeared before the Prince William County School Board and proceeded to explain how wrong and harmful the district-wide mask mandate had been.

Despite her reservations about speaking in front of a large crowd, Marianne Jensen overcame her nerves for the sake of her children and the tens of thousands of children in Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) suffering profound academic and psychological problems because of strict policies revolving around hypochondria and political theater.


Speaking to The Daily Signal, Jensen explained how her young son developed stress headaches from wearing a restrictive cloth mask over his face for hours at a time.

Yet when Jensen confronted PWCS superintendent Dr. LaTanya D. McDade last year about the problems with masking kids, McDade meekly said that she’d do something if she could, but unfortunately, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) had effectively tied her hands.

Her response now seems farcical.

On his first day in office, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed an executive order allowing Virginia parents to opt out of school mask mandates for their children.

However, Prince William County seems determined to make life as difficult as possible for its 90,000+ students, as The Daily Signal reports in its exclusive interview with Jensen:

My children have to sit six feet away from their peers. If they are doing a group project, they have to put on a face shield, which is a face covering. If they cannot sit six feet away, they have to have a plexiglass shield around their desk, so they are at story time or in library and they have to sit far away and cannot be with their friends. They cannot see the pictures in the books. They are being targeted.

Hours after Youngkin signed Executive Order Number Two, McDade told the school board that students and faculty must comply with masking guidelines.

Seven school districts later sued the nascent Youngkin administration, including PWCS.

Late last week, Arlington Circuit Court Judge Louise DiMatteo ruled in favor of the seven school boards, blocking Youngkin’s mask-optional order for the time being.

DiMatteo said that there appears to be a benefit to keeping universal mask mandates in place. Although the judge’s spouse teaches in Arlington, she voluntarily disclosed that information beforehand.

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