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You won’t believe what’s in this crazy memo from Biden’s polling firm.

Impact Research is one of the top left-leaning strategy and polling firms in D.C. They recently crafted a memo to Democrats about the current state of COVID politics. The memo was originally published on

Full memo published below!

Right from the get-go this document will make you throw up in your mouth a little (or a lot).

“After two years that necessitated lockdowns, travel bans, school closures, mask mandates and nearly a million deaths…”

Stop right there. There was nothing axiomatic or necessary about any of this. So frustrating to see this framing… but it gets worse:

“It’s time for Democrats to take credit for ending the COVID crisis…”

I’m not even sure how ANYONE can assert that with a straight face. We have fought Democrats (and many Republicans!) on these measures for almost 2 years now. It is pure gaslighting to claim that the Democrats had any semblance or power or will to “end” COVID. Many Democrats still do NOT want it to end.

They strike a conciliatory tone next but there’s nothing altruistic about this memo. This is all about disastrous polling. As they note in the second bullet:

Twice as many voters are now more concerned about COVID’s effect on the economy (29%) than about someone in their family or someone they now becoming infected with the coronavirus (24%)… The more we talk about the threat of COVID and onerously restrict people’s lives because of it, the more we turn them against us.

Well, at least they know admit that the restrictions were indeed onerous.

Plenty of gaslighting and bad math follows in the memo which will infuriate our readers but we can take some solace in this point: the path is laid to return to normal — if we hold their feet to the fire!

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