Well that didn’t take long.  

Politico broke the story last night.  Jennifer Wexton and the Northern Virginia Democrat establishment is trying to disenfranchise thousands of voters to rig the Democrat nomination — for Jennifer Wexton, of course.

In a move that smacks of the political clockwork that disenfranchised Tom Perriello in favor of now-mistake Ralph Northam, the other Democratic candidates vying to get defeated by Comstock win the Democratic nod are reacting harshly, accusing Democratic leadership and Wexton of “rigging” the election

Best part?  They even have a leaked a tape of the secret meeting where the plan was exposed.

Here’s your background:

Democrat King-Maker and Congressman Jerry Connolly recruited Jennifer Wexton to run against Republican Barbara Comstock.  Small problem with that plan — Wexton is weak, and the 8 other Democrats who have jumped into the race and have outraised and out-campaigned Wexton.  

Yet sources close to the situation in Northern Virginia have confirmed to The Republican Standard that Connolly’s team has been boasting that they were going to “clear the field for Wexton.”  

It is not surprising that the Wexton/Connolly team is trying to save their hand-picked candidate by changing the rules in the middle of the game.  What is clear now is that months before the June 2018 primary and right at a moment when Northam is desperately trying to keep the Democrats united for 2017, the gloves are off in a big way and the internal Democrat-on-Democrat war will only get harsher and shriller.  

One Democrat did get one thing very right on the leaked tapes.  Democrat Delegate Kathleen Murphy can clearly be heard on the leaked tapes saying, “We’ll be fighting with each other ‘til we are dead.”  

She’s probably right.