Kate Wellington from Seattle, WA, USA via Wikimedia Commons

Terry McAuliffe didn’t hide how he felt when lecturing an African American news anchor over concerns about critical race theory.

In an appearance on Hampton Roads’ WAVY-TV, the Democratic candidate for governor bristled when anchor Anita Blanton pressed him to define critical race theory.


Per National Review:

Blanton continued to pry for a definition at which point McAuliffe explained to her “it’s racist, it’s a dogwhistle.”

“But if we don’t have a definition, how can we say it [discussion of critical race theory in the context of public schools] is racist?” asked an exasperated Blanton.

Originally confined to the realm of postgraduate education, critical race theory, which views all of American society as a power competition between races, has increasingly been incorporated into K-12 education over the past year.

Forty-seven percent of Virginians would support a legal ban on critical race theory in public schools, while 36 percent would oppose such a policy.

McAuliffe’s latest gaffe follows criticism he received from parents for saying they shouldn’t tell schools what to teach.

In response, Republican Glenn Youngkin emphatically argued that parents must have their voices heard.

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