The following letter was signed by 500 VMI graduates and submitted to the media for publication.  TRS is both pleased and proud to run this open letter in its entirety.

Through its rigorous four-year military system and single-sanction honor code, the Virginia Military Institute produces graduates across all walks of civil and military life who embody the values of duty, honor, civility, camaraderie, and a commitment to service. Central to all of these values is a belief in the dignity of one’s fellow human beings. VMI alumni no doubt recoiled at the recent allegations of racist conduct at VMI. Let the undersigned alumni be clear: every individual act of racism denies the inherent dignity of another human being and is wholly inconsistent with the values VMI seeks to instill in its graduates.

As our country continues its reckoning with racial inequality and injustice, VMI and its alumni should be open to a rigorous examination of our alma mater to ensure that it reflects the values that it espouses.

Such an inquiry must be guided by an earnest search for the truth and must be conducted in a deliberate manner. Governor Ralph Northam himself has said, “I believe that when we learn more, we can do more.” The undersigned alumni write because we fear that a legitimate search for truth concerning these issues is being jeopardized by those intent on making hasty and premature decisions about VMI’s future based on partial and incomplete judgments of its past. Such decisions do not do justice to the allegations at issue or to VMI.

The Washington Post released its first article detailing allegations of racist conduct at VMI on October 17, 2020. Two days later, Governor Northam issued a letter to VMI’s Board of Visitors—which was cosigned by Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, Attorney General Mark Herring, and eight members of the Virginia General Assembly—that ordered an “independent, third-party review of VMI’s culture, policies, practices, and equity in disciplinary procedures.” That same letter, however, also stated the following conclusions:

  • that VMI has a “clear and appalling culture of ongoing structural racism”;
  • there is an “inconsistent application of the Institute’s Honor Code”;
  • the school’s culture is one that is “unacceptable for any Virginia institution in the 21st century”; and
  • VMI was not “embracing the fundamental commitment to diversity that Americans expect from every institution in the 21st century.”

During the following week, both the Washington Post and prominent Virginia politicians echoed these premature conclusions. The Washington Post’s Editorial Board deemed VMI “an embarrassment to the Commonwealth.” Former Governor Douglas Wilder suggested that Governor Northam should remove the entire Board of Visitors. The Chair of the Senate Budget Committee said of VMI: “I’m not sure how important or relevant it is . . . [i]t seems to me its time has passed, especially if it doesn’t adjust to changing times.” The above claims and the inflammatory statements that followed predated any investigation, let alone the conclusions of such an investigation.

Despite these premature statements from the elected leaders of the Commonwealth, and from one of the most widely-circulated newspapers in the world, on October 20th the President of VMI’s Board of Visitors “welcome[d] an objective, independent review of VMI’s culture and the Institute’s handling of allegations of racism and/or discrimination” and pledged “the full cooperation of VMI officials in the review.” He also informed the Governor that VMI had “already begun a review of nearly 30 operational elements of the Institute including traditions, ceremonies, culture, and the relationship between [the] cadets and alumni. . . .” VMI began this assessment of its operations and traditions to ensure that they afford an equitable campus culture in June—well before the Washington Post published its first article concerning VMI in October.

However, on October 22nd, before any investigation had begun, the Governor acted on his unsupported conclusions when he conveyed to General J.H. Binford Peay, III, VMI’s Superintendent of 17 years, that he had lost confidence in the General’s leadership. General Peay resigned the following Monday.

Three days after General Peay’s resignation, the Board of Visitors announced several new changes which appeared to preempt the investigation they had previously welcomed, since no conclusions or recommendations were yet available to inform their potential necessity, value, or impact.

The events recounted above reflect a rush to judgment, rather than a reasoned search for truth. Claims of a toxic culture, systemic racism, and an inconsistent (and therefore unjust) application of the school’s honor code are grave. We should treat them as such. This means that we can neither dismiss them, nor accept them without a thorough, impartial investigation.

We welcome an independent, third-party investigation without reservation, as did the Board of Visitors, but stress that this investigation cannot begin its work by first reaching its conclusions. Additionally, any further changes at VMI should await the results of that investigation. Accordingly, the undersigned alumni ask the Governor, the Board of Visitors, and state leaders to do the following to facilitate this process:

  • appoint an experienced, non-partisan individual with a reputation for independence to lead the investigation;
  • cease making conclusive public statements about VMI’s culture or systems until the investigation completes its work and publishes its results; and
  • take no action concerning VMI’s operations until the investigation completes its work and publishes its results.

Facts and reasoned recommendations drawn from those facts, not public pressure, must inform any future changes to VMI. If state leaders believe that VMI’s systems and values do not afford equal opportunity and dignity for all cadets, they must first verify that belief with facts. Facts have the power to persuade; harsh rhetoric and hasty initiatives do not. If there is evidence of such disparities and injustices, the investigation should present appropriate solutions, which can win the support of the VMI community as a whole.

To that end, the VMI community must stand prepared to do its part. Whatever facts arise from a fair and independent investigation, we must rise to the challenge and embrace the changes necessary to ensure that VMI reflects in deeds the values of honor, dignity, mutual respect, and camaraderie that it espouses in words. In this effort, we should take heed of the words of Johnathan Daniels (VMI 1961) and aspire—for VMI and ourselves—to “the decency and nobility of which [we] are capable.”


Aiden M. Atchison, 2020

Jacob Baehman, 2020

Darren T. Barile, 2020

Anah Bozentka, 2020

Tazman H. Briganti, 2020

Colby P. Burke, 2020

Brian Collier, 2020

John J. Daniel, 2020

Alexander B. Dragan, 2020

Carlos Fernandes, II, 2020

Samantha P. Franklin, 2020

Jack K. Freischlag, 2020

Thomas Gann, 2020

Chase Goldstein, 2020

Jacob T. Hardin, 2020

Thomas B. Hupp, 2020

L. Addison Lagarde, 2020

Stirling R. Martin, 2020

William M. Neikirk, 2020

Emma R. Noble, 2020

Justin R. Polito, 2020

Anton Schultz, 2020

Austin W. Stansberry, 2020

Maxwell M. Stuart, 2020

Jack C. Taggart, 2020

Luke D. Weliever, 2020

Brigitta (Hendren) Borinstein, 2019

Timothy M. Fisher, 2019

John David Hatgas, 2019

Cody W. Peregoy, 2019

Richard D. Wilson, 2019

William H. Atwill, 2018

James Broom III, 2018

Liam N. Burke, 2018

Robert L. Fitch, III, 2018

Conrad W. Jenne, 2018

Luke A. Lysher, 2018

Mark Persinger, 2018

R. Henry Thelin III, 2018

Matthew I. Arnold, 2017

John J. Borchick, 2017

Charles D. Borinstein, 2017

William P. Cannon, 2017

Dillon Harley Christopher, 2017

Olivia Emery, 2017

Frank J. Ferrara, 2017

Robert D. Fuller, 2017

Anthony Giachinta, 2017

Walker Hays, 2017

Matthew T. Hill, 2017

Andrew T. Hromoko, III, 2017

Evan F. Huvane, 2017

Spencer J. Jefferson, 2017

Philip G. Jewett, 2017

Luke Macdonald, 2017

Jack McGarry, 2017

John Luke Phillips, 2017

John Rusnock, 2017

Jonathan D. Strozyk, 2017

W. Elliott Warren, 2017

Brandon T. White, 2017

Amber Woodard, 2017

Reid Anderson, 2016

John E. Bowles, 2016

Nathan C. Cole, 2016

Daniel C. de Nijs, 2016

Fawn Delmijunk, 2016

Benjamin R. Eberhardt, 2016

Travis M. Gordon, 2016

David J. Harpen, 2016

Zach M. Heard, 2016

Sean A Helmke, 2016

Will Heppner, 2016

Emily S. Hill, 2016

Austin T. Holmes, 2016

Colin P. Hughes, 2016

Joseph LaMagna, IV, 2016

Jonathan S. Lohr, 2016

Avery H. Martin, 2016

Bernard V. Matanic, 2016

Thomas R. McFadden, 2016

John A. Merten, 2016

Lt. Dan Warner, 2016

Townsend J. Williams, 2016

John S. Zippel, 2016

Shane Bohn, 2015

Robert M. Davison, 2015

R. Adam Diehl, 2015

Quinn Ellis, 2015

Zachary Goodreau, 2015

William T. Hallam, 2015

Frank Hargrove, 2015

Nicholas Hassell, 2015

R. Hardy Hendren, 2015

Samuel G. Hunter, 2015

William C. Jordan, 2015

Taylor Kennedy, 2015

Kevin M. Kneisler, 2015

Brandon L. Lunsford, 2015

Maxwell T. Makuch, 2015

Nicholas Maul, 2015

Alexander B. McCauley, 2015

Johnny McDonald, 2015

Henry Meredith, 2015

J. Taylor Monfort-Eaton, 2015

E. Daniel Nice, 2015

Alex G. Palagyi, 2015

Brice A. Scott, 2015

Harrison Williams, 2015

Christian Addison, 2014

Ethan R. Bailey, 2014

Afton B. Balser, 2014

Chase E. Barnett, 2014

Parker J. Blazevich, 2014

Timothy E. Boersig, 2014

Doug Burton, Jr., 2014

Charis D. Chillers, 2014

James Clark, 2014

John Curl, 2014

Michael E. Custer, 2014

Victor de Leon, 2014

James A. Devens, 2014

Rory C. Dillon, 2014

Eva K. Edelbrock, 2014

Flora R. Edelbrock, 2014

Paul Edwards, 2014

Sam Elliott, 2014

Edward P. Gottwald, 2014

Garth M. Harbert, 2014

Campbell C. Henkel, 2014

David Himot, 2014

Michael G. Hofmeister, 2014

Carson N. Hogge, 2014

Cody Holder, 2014

Jacob T. Humrich, 2014

Joseph A. Kemp, 2014

Whit Kern, 2014

Benjamin Kier, 2014

Keith A. MacDonald, 2014

Jon Mattingly, 2014

Nathan Myers, 2014

Daniel G. Oberlander, 2014

J. Logan Pinotti, 2014

Cory Reinecke, 2014

Santo Ripa, 2014

Matthew Schmincke, 2014

Eric M. Triassi, 2014

Cabell F. Willis, 2014

Aaron White, 2014

John J. Aulbach III, 2013

William C. Baker, 2013

Sungkuyn Chang, 2013

Matthew Chapin, 2013

J. Hunter Colt, 2013

Will A. Coursey, 2013

Hunter Cox, 2013

John E. Dommert, 2013

Alexander G. Erber, 2013

Adam J. Hedio, 2013

Nathan R. Howard, 2013

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Justin M. Klein, 2013

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Sean Alexander, 2012

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Daniel Allen, 2009

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