Karina Lipsman addresses supporters in South Arlington.

Over 60 supporters from across Virginia’s 8th congressional district and beyond packed the outdoor patio at Rebellion On The Pike in South Arlington last night to support Karina Lipsman, the 8th District’s Republican nominee. 

Lipsman addressed attendees – thanking them for supporting her in the primary – and encouraged them to spread awareness of her campaign and get their friends involved. 

Notably, the event’s attendees ranged significantly in age, gender, and race and definitely didn’t look like your typical group of GOP party faithfuls.

That could be a promising sign of Lipsman’s broad base of appeal and her ability to turn out voters in November.

To pull off a historic win this fall, Lipsman needs to not only energize and turn out the Republican base but also win over Democrats and Independent voters.

The Cook Political Report still ranks the District in their “Solid Democrat” column, listing it as a D +26 seat. 

Lipsman became the Republican nominee last Saturday when she secured over 60% of the vote on the first ballot during the 8th District nominating convention.

After winning the nomination, Lipsman issued the following statement via a press release posted on her website:

“I am completely humbled by this opportunity and so incredibly thankful to the delegates who supported me to win this nomination. It’s truly a testament to the American dream that I speak about often that an immigrant girl from Ukraine can succeed in this country and is now the nominee for the United States House of Representatives,” Lipsman said. “I want to secure that American dream for everyone in the District. I promise to be a representative for all, not just those who are registered Republican. The issues we are facing are largely not conservative or liberal, but rather serious topics that transcend partisan politics. We all feel the impact of inflation. We are all concerned about what happens in the hallways and what is being taught in the classrooms. We are all worried about our external threats from Russia and China. We are all nervous when we pump gas in the District at night or go on a walk alone. I promise to be the Congresswoman for all Northern Virginia, to do what I can to tackle these issues that impact everyone, and I hope my message of a new vision for our District resonates with all!”