I’ve been watching the (sales pitch) coverage of Gov. Northam and I think we could have a really nice drinking game.  Take a shot every time the press calls Northam “pragmatic”.

The Washington Post alone will have you falling-over drunk before you know it.

In June, the Washington Examiner put it in the headline: “Pragmatic Ralph Northam wins Democratic primary in Virginia”

In the WaPo endorsement of Northam, “pragmatic” made the second sentence.

The man who coined the phrase “narcissistic maniac” promises to make politics “less toxic.”

The Pragmatic One, shortly after being sworn in as the Pragmatist-in-Chief, offered his pragmatic, bipartisan agenda:

Medicaid Expansion, abortion rights, gun control.

See anything new here?

What’s so pragmatic about the same agenda Terry McAuliffe pushed?

Ralph’s a nice, soft-spoken guy when he’s not running.  That doesn’t make him a pragmatist.  He’s an old school Democrat and the only thing pragmatic about his political career is that he will let Republicans help him get his agenda passed.

What Republican initiative will he advocate?  Does anyone think he won’t use a bunch of “pragmatic vetoes” along the way?

I’ve watch Northam along his career.  Everyone likes him.  He’s the consummate insider despite his, “I grew up fishing and gosh, I’m just an honest, good guy” mantra.

But his voting record is as liberal as any non-pragmatic Democrat.

We’ll see how long the press’ promotion of the Aw Shucks Governorship lasts if Northam does something truly pragmatic.

My guess is the press will be happy to keep up the image so long as the actual legislation stays as far-left as Northam’s has always been.