Nikole Hannah-Jones (The New York Times)

The Youngkin Administration’s recent curriculum proposals were called out on MSNBC this weekend by 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah – Jones.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Velshi”, Hannah – Jones told the show’s fill-in host Maria Teresa Kumar, that ” Glenn Youngkin ran his campaign on this idea of teaching a more sanitized history that would protect the feelings of white children. We know that history and how it’s taught has always been contested in the United States.”

Fox News reports:

“Hannah-Jones accused Youngkin and his conservative allies of teaching history that leaves out crucial things which happened. “And this new curriculum is occurring in Virginia was crafted largely by conservative groups, including the Fordham institute. And it’s very clear by what they’re leaving out and what they’re putting in, what vision of America they want school children learn,” she said, implying they’re leaving out the truth about race in America.

Elsewhere in the segment, Hannah-Jones warned of how successful conservatives’ anti-CRT fight has been. She told Kumar, “The fact that so many Americans now know the term Critical Race Theory is the sign of a highly successful propaganda campaign by the conservative movement often aided and abetted by journalists.”

Hannah-Jones tried to deny it exists in schools, claiming CRT belongs to a school of “legal analysis.” She insisted, “But critical race theory is a highly sophisticated legal analysis of structural racism. It really seeks to answer why some sixty years after we banished discrimination by law, why do we still have so much inequality, particularly amongst Black Americans, but amongst other marginalized groups.”

She declared, “So, no, most schools are not teaching this,” echoing a line of defense much of the media has used against conservatives worried about this issue in recent years.”

Nikole-Jones has been on a speaking tour since authoring her book -“The 1619 Project” and recently made a stop in the Commonwealth.

She was paid $40,000 to headline an event hosted by The Arlington Public Library at Washington-Liberty High School in September.