SCHILLING: Albemarle Students Exposed To Shocking “How-To” Videos In Mandatory Sex Ed Program

Two classes of ninth-grade females at Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) in Crozet, Virginia, recently were exposed in a classroom lesson to explicit “how-to” videos on male and female sexual pleasure.


WARNING: This story contains graphic content and may not be suitable for minors.

Without the consent or knowledge of their parents, two classes of ninth-grade females at Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) in Crozet, Virginia, recently were exposed in a classroom lesson to explicit “how-to” videos on male and female sexual pleasure.

Suggested to the school by Charlottesville’s Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA)—a sex education partner with several Albemarle County schools—the videos ostensibly were shown under the banner of “Family Life” education. One video, focused on “male pleasure,” and the other, on female “orgasm,” shocked and embarrassed many of the students.

According to a knowledgeable parent, the twenty-eight girls involved, divided into two classes, saw one or the other of the videos but not both.

The controversial exhibition was not originally included in the WAHS Family Life curriculum; however, a last minute insertion was proposed by SARA and ok’d by WAHS Physical Education Department Chair, Frank Lawson.

In an April 2 email to Lawson, SARA representative Lexi Huston notified him of planned additions to the previously familiar curriculum, and shortly thereafter, Mr. Lawson expressed his consent:

“Looks good – looking forward to it!”

The Videos

The salacious videos were produced by “sex educator and YouTube personality,” Laci Green, who frequently collaborates with Planned Parenthood. Her productions have been viewed more than 150M times, and they include such titles as:

  • Is Drag OK for Kids??
  • How Many Freakin Genders
  • How Do Lesbians Have The Sex???
  • Intersex
  • Abortion Under Attack
  • Condom Tips for the Ladies
  • BDSM 101
  • Squirting 101
  • 10 Tips for Hookups
  • Transgender Adventure!
  • Let’s Lose “Virginity”
  • Shaving Pubes
  • Laci’s Guide to Butt Sex
  • The Sticky on Semen!
  • Trumpocalypse

Green’s video, Male Pleasure!—shown to one group of the WAHS ninth-grade girls—emphasizes penile, anal, and prostate delectation, with precise anatomical instruction on how to stimulate the various zones.

Ms. Green begins the video giggling through her topic statement:

“I want to talk about penis pleasure.”

Twenty-seven seconds in, Green goes to oral sex:

“It’s important to understand how male pleasure anatomy works.”


“This is relevant because sometimes you all will email me like ‘I really want to give my boyfriend an awesome blowjob and every time I do, I feel like I’m going to throw up.’”

Green’s concluding wisdom on the subject:

“I think that the idea that you need to put penis in your lungs to give your boyfriend pleasure is an idea that comes from porn.”

Next up for Laci Green is the scrotum and testicles, or “balls”:

“Very important question: ‘what about the balls?’ You’ve probably figured out by now that that is a very sensitive body part and you don’t want to go slapping it around.”

Green advises:

“Some people like their balls licked, or sucked or put a vibrator to them; there’s all kinds of things you can do.”

Anal and prostate stimulation follows with some graphic suggestions from Green:

“Your butt can be a wonderful sense of pleasure, as well, especially if you have a penis.”


“On the inside of the butt, you’ll find the prostate, aka, the male G-spot.”


“You wanna make sure that your partner is already pretty aroused before doing prostate stuff. You want to make sure to use lube, because butts don’t produce any of their own lubrication.”


“You can stimulate a prostate with another penis, with your fingers, or with toys.”

Followed by a jovially presented practical safety tip:

“Just make sure that whatever you’re putting in there, it has a flared base, so that it doesn’t get stuck.”


“Every year 3,000 some people wind up in the emergency room because they put something in their butt that doesn’t have a flared base.”

The second video, which was shown to a different group of WAHS ninth-grade girls is entitled, “How to Help Her Orgasm.”

Green begins again with a topic statement:

“I think orgasms will bring world peace, so here are my tips.”

She continues with her analysis of men’s sexual status:

“When you think about it, how big a guy’s dick is, or how long he lasts in bed, or how many chicks he sleeps with are very much a way that we can use to raise guys up in status or to emasculate them.”

Green’s technical advice regarding clitoral stimulation:

“Know your partner’s anatomy. The clitoris is really important, it’s like the orgasm command center.”

And words of warning on the same:

“If you go straight to the clitoris and start fingering right away, your partner’s not going to be as aroused; it’s not going to feel as good.”


“When it comes to clitoral stimulation on the outside, avoid really mashing into it or rubbing really hard, unless your partner tells you that they’re into that.”

Notably, Laci Green’s videos are sponsored by—and even offer an on-screen discount “promo code” for—, whom Laci thanks for their sponsorship in each video. is a vendor of pornographic movies and the self-proclaimed “#1 Adult Toy Superstore.”

The Reaction

Outrage erupted upon parents’ discovery of the substituted curriculum.

A devastated father, who contacted The Schilling Show stated:

“I am absolutely appalled at the video shown by SARA… And now, I have the Department of Education, the Albemarle County School Board and the Western Albemarle High School to thank for introducing my beautiful daughter to the world of sexual pleasure. Now, I have a dilemma. How do I undo the vision, the thoughts and the curiosity provided her by those in positions of authority that are supposed to protect my daughter while in school?

A distraught mother’s message to The Schilling Show included:

“I’ve never considered homeschooling before and now I am.”

In an April 18 Daily Progress story chronicling the WAHS sex-how-to-video presentation the Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) spokesman, Phil Giaramita, had division administration taking full responsibility:

“Until now, our experiences with SARA at the school have been positive, and that contributed to not reviewing the video beforehand,” Giaramita said. “That was a mistake in judgment for which the administration takes full responsibility.”

Sheri Iachetta Owen, SARA’s Community Outreach Director, in the same story, expressed no regret, instead she pushed responsibility back onto the schools:

“In advance of the scheduled visit to the school, on April 2nd at 8:34 a.m., we emailed the curriculum to the head [physical education] teacher and requested that the content be reviewed and approved,” SARA said in the statement. “On April 2nd at 9:29 a.m., we received an email approving the curriculum.”

Iachetta Owen went on to explain without contrition that SARA’s sex-ed curriculum recently had been modified to be “more sex positive.”

Wikipedia describes the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) as follows:

It organizes events and provides space for several different sex-positive subcultures, notably BDSM, Swinging, and polyamory groups. CSPC welcomes people of all sexual identities and seeks to encompass all consensual sexual practices.

Behind the scenes, though, Iachetta Owen’s intransigent response was not mirrored by her SARA colleagues.

WAHS Physical Education Department Chair, Frank Lawson, in an April 17 email to Laurie Jean Seaman, SARA’s Director of Prevention, conveyed the anger of parents who had met with WAHS teachers over the video incident:

Laurie Jean,

For the most part, the meetings went horribly.

Here is a summary from the parents and from us:

You lost sight of your target audience: these are 14-year-old girls not college age women.

We are entrusted to promote abstinence and the videos did anything but that.

One parent questioned the state legalities of anal penetration, as being promoted in one of the videos.

One parent stated she felt her daughter had been sexually assaulted seeing the male video.

We were constantly put in the position to say sorry.

We were constantly reminded that we are entrusted to have our students in a safe environment and that we did not do this. Watching the videos with these parents was extremely uncomfortable, so I can’t imagine what 14 girls were thinking.

There were many more attacks thrown at us.

Not one positive thing came out of these meetings.

Seaman responded to Lawson, expressing extreme remorse over the course of events at WAHS:

Dear Frank, and to the whole team,

I am deeply sorry, and just devastated that this experience was so horrible.

I know that I strongly value our long running relationship with you, Frank, and with the school. I want to provide support and step in regarding the relationships with parents, to debrief with them and offer my own apologies directly, though I am not sure how to go about doing that.

I also hope that it might be possible for me to come during one of the planning blocks this week–either Thursday or Friday–to sit down and speak with you face-to-face, to offer apologies and express my desire to fix what has been broken.

It was certainly not my intent to have anything shown to the students without approval, and I wish that had been communicated more clearly from our end in advance of these classes. This was a unique new lesson plan developed by a younger person who was especially passionate, and my hope was that there would’ve been in person conversations with you as educators before kicking off the pilot lesson. I am regretful that this isn’t what happened, and that it has resulted in damaged relationships all around. I hope that somehow I might be able to step in to repair what might be repairable.

When presented with the above email, WAHS Principal, Darah Bonham, responded in CYA mode:

“We don’t need them [SARA] back in the building until the dust settles.”

And, in an April 18 email to WAHS staff, Principal Bonham admits fault and impropriety:

“In this particular lesson designed by SARA, resources were used that should not have been displayed during class last Thursday that were inappropriate and not aligned to the state and county family life curriculum.”

School and School Board Policy Ignored

Seemingly lost in the private and public battles over the propriety of these videos for the audience to whom they were presented is the Albemarle County Public Schools Family Life Curriculum Value Statement:

The following values have been identified by the Albemarle County Community Involvement Team, Family Life Curriculum Committee, as the core values that should be developed in the classroom by teachers.

The Albemarle County Family Life Education Curriculum should encompass the following values:

  1. Self-esteem/Self-respect/Justice
  2. Temperance/Self-control
  3. Virtue
  4. Honesty/Integrity
  5. Industry
  6. Fairness
  7. Responsibility
  8. Loyalty
  9. Love of Country
  10. Concern for others
  11. Respect for dignity, worth, rights and freedoms of all persons

Many of these declared “values” would appear to be diametrically opposed to the SARA presentations of explicit content to minor ACPS students.

In addition, the ACPS ninth-grade Family Life Curriculum conveys sexual abstinence as the appropriate choice for adolescents:

The student will identify sexual abstinence as the appropriate choice for adolescents and identify appropriate methods for expressing feelings and affection.

Descriptive Statement: Instruction will include benefits of choosing sexual abstinence, consequences of sexual activity, and appropriate methods for expressing feelings and affection. Discussion will include that anyone who has been sexually active can make a new decision for premarital abstinence. Instruction will include effective strategies for resisting peer pressure, such as communication, assertiveness, and resistance skills.
Update: VDOE – 9.11, 10.5, 10.6; ACPS – 9.2, 9.6

The Albemarle County School Board, strangely silent on this issue, maintains the following policy regarding parental review of Family Life curricula:

Right of Parental Review

A parent or guardian has the right to review the family life curricula, including all
supplemental materials used in the program.

The School Board develops and distributes to the parents or guardians of students
participating in the FLE program a summary designed to assist them in understanding the program implemented in its school division and to encourage parental guidance and involvement in the instruction of the students. Such information reflects the curricula of the program as taught in the classroom.

The following statement is included on the summary: “Parents and guardians have the right to review the family life education program offered by their school division, including written and audio-visual educational materials used in the program. Parents and guardians also have the right to excuse their child from all or part of family life education instruction.”

The Albemarle County School Board Policy and guaranteed parental rights clearly were violated in this instance.

Legal Questions

While internal and external storms rage over SARA’s relationship with Albemarle County Public Schools—and the damage done to students, parents, and families as a result of this breach—the legal aspects of showing such videos to minors are worthy of consideration:

Following this incident, SARA remains in long-term partnership with several Albemarle County Public Schools—including WAHS, Monticello High School, Jack Jouett Middle School, and Henley Middle School. And unbeknownst to many, the recently redirected “Sex Positive” organization is funded by Albemarle County taxpayers at more than $20,000 annually.

Lingering Aftermath

Despite the wagon circling, institutional denials, cover-up attempts, and wishful thinking that this awful situation would just go away; it will not. While the Albemarle County School Board and the ACPS administration remain mute, parents and the informed public are seething.

Ultimately, someone will pay the price for the Sexual Assault Resource Agency and Albemarle County Public Schools’ assault on Western Albemarle High School’s ninth-grade girls, their families, and their values. The question is: who will pay and how long will it take?

None of these ninth-grade high school girls asked to be exposed to how-to sex videos. None of their parents sanctioned the girls’ virtual deflowering at the hands of government-school-ordained, “sex positive” zealots.  And sadly, no one involved can unsee, unhear, or unremember this intentional graphic assault on the innocence of youth.

Rob Schilling is founder of The Schilling Show Blog and News; host of WINA’s The Schilling Show, heard weekdays from noon to 2 PM; husband; father; and community watchdog.