A Hampton Roads area school went on lockdown today after a bomb threat was reported.

The report prompted an investigation at B.M. Williams Primary School, conducted by the Chesapeake Police and the Virginia State Police.

If the name of the school sounds familiar, that may be because of recent headlines it made for the “After School Satan Club” that now exists at the school.

The Hill reported the following Tuesday:

A sign on the school’s front door stated it was on a level 1 lockdown, which means there is a threat (potential shooter, criminal, etc.) nearby, but the school itself is not necessarily being targeted. The school was to be locked until law enforcement officials gave the all-clear.

B.M. Williams Primary School is the school where the now-infamous After School Satan Club held its first meeting just days before the bomb threats. Officials have not confirmed whether the bomb threats are related to the club.

WAVY News received a copy of the email threat, which was sent to a number of addresses Tuesday morning. The text of the email mentioned threats toward a Chesapeake school board member, the Chesapeake schools superintendent and the organizer of the After School Satan Club. The email reads: “You are evil, there is no other way to put it.” It goes on to say, “You promote devil worship and unIslamic values.”

This story is developing.