Virgnia Business Magazine publisher Bernie Niemeier believes that Virginians should indeed be paying higher gasoline prices at the pump.

Reason why?  Because you can afford it:

Five or more dollars a gallon sounds high, but it’s a bargain compared with the rest of the world. All countries have access to the same global petroleum market, but different taxes and subsidies lead to different costs at the pump.

In general, wealthy countries pay higher prices for gas, and poorer countries, along with those who export oil, pay less. With an advanced economy but relatively low gas prices, the United States is a notable exception to this rule. Current gas prices in most of Western Europe are as much as 103% higher than in the U.S., ranging from around $7.65 (Germany) to $10.22 (Norway) per gallon.

The solution?  More windmills off the coast of Virginia.  Anything but clean coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and already making gasoline more affordable to working class Virginians who can’t afford $60,000 Teslas.

With friends such as these…