A group of Virginia Democrats desperately trying to regain its momentum by trying to replace its leadership following their dramatic loss at the hands of Youngkin last year.

A group of Democrats, led by Del. Don L. Scott Jr. from Portsmouth, are citing the bylaws of the House Democratic caucus that says officers may be removed by a vote of a majority of caucus members if they are provided reasonable notice. Scott is calling for the removal and replacement of Eileen Filler-Corn from Fairfax as House minority leader, as well as the caucus chair, and the vice-chair for outreach. In addition to nominating himself as the new leader, Scott nominated Del. Sally Hudson from Charlottesville to replace the caucus chair and Del. Dan Helmer for vice-chair of outreach.

His official letter can be found below:

This sudden move comes in response to the massive shift in Virginia’s politics, as Youngkin’s victory turned Virginia red when Democrats believed it would remain solidly blue. While this move is looking to shake up the Virginia Democratic Party and regain some of the momentum that was utterly halted by Youngkin, there has been no official word from any House Democrats in response to this vote.

The vote is expected to happen on Wednesday during the General Assetop Virginia Dembly’s “veto session”, where they will gather to assess bills that have been vetoed by Governor Youngkin.