Infrogmation via Wikimedia Commons

Contrary to initial reporting, the Virginia Association of School Superintendents (VASS) wasn’t writing an open letter on behalf of 133 superintendents slamming the Youngkin administration’s interim report on banning CRT and other discriminatory policies in public school.

Indeed, evidence suggests VASS didn’t inform its members before sending the ideologically-driven letter.

The Daily Wire reports:

VASS, a membership group for superintendents, sent a letter to Youngkin Thursday criticizing his targeting of equity initiatives largely implemented by former Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s administration. Youngkin signed an executive order on his first day in office banning the teaching and training of critical race theory and released a 30-day report on efforts to rescind discriminatory programs, policies, and resources, The Daily Wire reported.

In the letter, VASS called on the Republican to cancel a tip line the administration launched for concerned parents to report “inherently defined divisive concepts” in schools. They say Youngkin has made “gross assumptions” on the state of public education.

The letter was touted by The Washington Post as supported by 133 Superintendents, with a headline stating, “All 133 Virginia school superintendents urge Youngkin to scrap tip line, effort to root out policies deemed ‘divisive.’”

As ABC 7 News reported Monday, however, VASS Executive Director Ben Kiser said the letter was actually authorized by a 12-member board. The superintendents were not consulted before it was sent to Youngkin. Two superintendents expressed being in the dark about the letter.