Sgt. Teddy Wade via Wikimedia Commons

The resettlement of Afghan refugees displaced by President Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal continues.

And Northern Virginia continues to play a prominent role in the process as it has a large and diverse immigrant population.

Per Axios:

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, a nonprofit that supports vulnerable immigrants, has resettled about 1,200 Afghan refugees in NoVa since the summer.

The organization recently opened its fifth D.C.-area resettlement office in order to meet the growing need for refugee resources and support.

Muzhgan Azizy, a newly arrived Afghan refugee and LIRS senior program officer for Afghan placement and assistance, shared some of the challenges her family faced in the U.S., from sleeping on the floor of an unfurnished apartment to her son finding his classes at school.

She asked Americans to be patient with refugees as they navigate a new culture, and encouraged employers to hire Afghans.

So, what do you think? Obviously, our hearts go out to Afghan refugees. Do you believe that those who become citizens will be more likely to vote Republican (as we’ve seen with immigrants from oppressed countries like Cuba and Venezuela)?