Governor Glenn Youngkin and top emergency management officials launched hurricane season with a warning about preparedness for Virginians: forecasters expect an above-average season with likely a potential range of six to 10 hurricanes including three to six Category 3 or larger hurricanes.

“I want to encourage Virginians to take the time and prepare now for this coming storm season,” Youngkin said in a press release. “This includes not only our coastal residents but inland Virginians as well. History has proven that our inland communities are just as susceptible to hurricane impacts like flooding, tornadoes, and high winds.”

Youngkin and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) held a press conference on June 1, the first day of the season.

“Recent years have proven that hurricanes are also not just a coastal threat. Even storms that start in the lower Atlantic or Gulf States have the potential to come north and cause significant damage. This is why we encourage all Virginians across the Commonwealth to take the time to become prepared,” the release states.

VDEM publishes a hurricane evacuation guide which includes an explanation of hurricane-related hazards, a list of preparedness steps, hurricane evacuation guidance, and emergency assistance contact information.

“Preparedness is all about being ready before a storm or disaster even develops,” State Coordinator at VDEM Shawn Talmadge said in the release. “Many of the items we ask Virginians to keep in a kit or plans that should be made are not only applicable to hurricanes but for many other types of hazards as well. Just a little bit of planning goes a long way in ensuring the safety and welfare of you and your family.”

“Virginia should be proud of the work being done by our public safety agencies to ensure a swift and effective response to all hazards, including hurricanes,” Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Robert Mosier said. “We can’t forget that the best form of preparedness is ensuring you and your family also have a plan, make a kit, and stay informed of potential bad weather.”

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