Glenn Youngkin from Virginia, United States via Wikimedia Commons

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia PAC raised $3.3 million in August alone ahead of Virginia’s General Assembly elections this November.

Youngkin has raised $12 million through Spirit of Virginia since March, which he is using to help Republicans keep their majority in the House and flip the Virginia Senate.

“Governor Youngkin is devoting his time, energy, and resources to winning these critical elections. While far left Virginia Democrats are turning to D.C. for bailout cash from Joe Biden and the DNC, Governor Youngkin is uniting people across the Commonwealth behind his commonsense agenda. He is going everywhere and competing for every vote because Virginians want leaders in the General Assembly who will work with him to lower the cost of living, empower parents, support law enforcement, and keep our communities safe,” said Spirit of Virginia Chairman Dave Rexrode. 

Youngkin’s massive fundraising haul in August comes as the DNC, at Joe Biden’s direction, sent more than $1 million to prop up Virginia Democrats after repeated pleas from the left for more to be done to stop Youngkin.

The panicked bailout from the DNC is driven by fears that Youngkin’s popular agenda is working in a state the left completely controlled less than two years ago.

Youngkin’s approval rating hit a record 57% in a July poll, as he has enacted policies to lower taxes, create jobs, improve public safety, and give parents more control over their children’s education.

Youngkin is also breaking fundraising records in Virginia, raising more in a single quarter than any previous governor raised in a single year.

The $3.3 million Youngkin raised in the month of August is more than double what any previous governor raised in an entire quarter.