Despite the most recent setbacks, Governor Youngkin still has hope that the Washington Commanders will end up with their stadium in Virginia.

Recently, the proposed “framework” that would bring the Commanders to Virginia was killed by Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw when Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio’s  made comments about the January 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol. Del Rio later published an apology: “Referencing that situation as a dust-up was irresponsible and negligent and I am sorry.”

Governor Youngkin still seems to have hope that he can find a way to give Virginia a professional football team.

“I have always said that Virginia should be the best place to live, work and raise a family — and oh by the way, we should have a professional sports team,” Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin told WTOP.

Lawmakers were passing on the chance for the time being, Youngkin said, citing “some issues that need to be resolved,” but he was adamant about negotiating a stadium deal with a professional sports team that’s “good for Virginians.”

Youngkin said that Virginia needs to pass laws that would create a stadium authority before it courts the Commanders.

The Commanders recently purchased 200 acres of land in Prince William County that could serve as a potential stadium site, so Youngkin’s hopes may still be well founded, however, only time will tell if Virginia lawmakers can see his hope through.