This morning’s Virginian-Pilot offers some good news — HOT lanes will stretch along a 40 mile section of I-64 by 2024, offering a solution that does not include millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements that could displace businesses and homes:

Creating a HOT lane network is the best solution under current conditions, Layne said. While the region’s need for more infrastructure grows, there continues to be less money flowing in from the federal government.

What’s more, there’s no room for expansion without displacing hundreds or thousands of homes and businesses, a move decision-makers are not willing to make, Layne said.

“We can’t build everything we want,” he said. “That forces us to move people – not vehicles – more effectively through the corridor.

The lanes will allow those with two or more individuals to travel in them, or a single-occupancy vehicle to travel with a sliding scale free.  HOT lanes have by and large been successful in northern Virginia for traffic calming and would be a notable boost for those seeking to get to Virginia Beach a tiny bit faster.