Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Trump’s NAFTA Impasse Heading Into Critical Week

Discussion surrounding the update of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) enters a critical week as officials from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. attempt to resolve an impasse before elections in the U.S. and Mexico further complicate the process.

How Free Are We?

We cannot deny a predestination of the negative, that is, our actions are predetermined to remain within the finite permutations of what we can do, not the infinitude of what we wish to do.

Youngkin Reveals Transition Team

Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin has unveiled his transition team, complete with former governors from both parties and longtime confidants. There's also a few Southwestern Virginians who've...

Atlanta Fed Prediction: 5% GDP Growth In Q3

The Atlanta Fed is banking on big numbers for the third financial quarter of 2018.

Judge Upholds Death Threat Case Against Democratic Challenger

Whether you are posting online or participating in your local Antifa mob, remember kids: terrorism isn't cool.

WaPo Poll Numbers Crater For Northam As Blowback From Racist Ad Continues

This comes after VPAP reports that both Northam and Gillespie are tied for cash-on-hand in the closing week of the November campaign.

Top Virginia Republicans Respond To Governor Northam’s Refundable EITC Proposal

Northam's plan to institute a refundable EITC after Virginia's massive tax collection suffers intense criticism from majority Republicans in the state legislature.
foster care

Virginia Republicans Continue Progress On Statewide Adoption Reform

GOP lawmakers passed legislation during this year's 46-day session to help reform adoption procedures in Virginia.

Don’t Like CRT in Schools? Blame Richmond (and Ralph Northam).

It’s hard to turn on the news today and not find a story about Critical Race Theory in our schools. Many have...

Obama Rides To Northam’s Rescue With $500K Redistricting Pledge

Is there anything left for Northam to sell?