Monday, August 15, 2022

Mark Herring Wants To Put His Weed In There

Perhaps he ought to ask around before pulling an election year stunt two full years before a gubernatorial election?

Dems Turn on Terry McAuliffe for Self Serving Charlottesville Account

Virginia Democrats were counting on former Gov. Terry McAuliffe to raise money for them. Then he wrote a book about Charlottesville that has some Democrats...

Dems Refuse Gun Violence Funding Over ICE Cooperation

Governor Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring have said repeatedly that the Commonwealth is facing an epidemic of gun violence. But when given the opportunity...

Why Does Michael Bills Keep Trying To Buy Up Republicans?

...and why did former Republican Delegate Greg Habeeb (R-Salem) sell out?

So You Want Martial Law? Here’s What That Looks Like…

Calls for partial martial law are fundamentally oppositional to a republic of free men and a republic of laws. This is not a joke.

Republican Governor George Allen Endorses Kirk Cox for Governor

Virginia’s 67th Governor is putting his money on Cox to become Virginia’s 74th.

New Cox Ad Hits MLB, Democrats Hard on Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture may not feel like a kitchen table issue, but it is. It's at the heart of our everyday life.

BREAKING: Virginia Employment Commission Overpays $930 Million Last Year

If one were to commit to a Marshall Plan to fix the Virginia Employment Commission -- even during the pandemic -- would it have cost $930 million to do?  

Video: McAuliffe Campaigns With Fellow Defund the Police Activists and ‘Stolen Election’ Conspiracy Theorist

Glenn Youngkin today released the following statement accompanying two new videos regarding Terry McAuliffe's campaign tour with "defund the police" activists Keisha Lance Bottoms...

Gowdy Outlines What Republicans Must Do to Replicate Virginia’s GOP Sweep

Voters in Virginia sent Democrats and Republicans a message last Tuesday. It's incumbent on Republicans to understand that and realize why Glenn Youngkin was on...