Tuesday, January 25, 2022

U.S. Space Command To Exercise Military Might Beyond Earth

As President Trump's "war-fighting domain," space is becoming a much larger priority.

Virginia House Democrats Accept $50,000 From Coal Mining Company

Democrats are routing politically problematic corporate coal contributions to candidates through their caucus account, even as members tell their constituents they won't take that money. This makes coal the caucus's largest corporate donor of 2018.

Congressional Democrats Call For Trillion Dollar Tax Hike, Repealing Trump Tax Cuts

For 2016 tax filings, 97 percent of total individual income taxes were paid by the top 50 percent of earners. However, that is apparently not their "fair share," according to progressives in Congress.

Republican Rocky Holcomb Announces 2019 Bid For House Of Delegates

Charging that he will work to reform Virginia's criminal justice system, protect healthcare for those with pre-existing conditions, and battle against higher taxes and job-killing regulations, the former delegate from the 85th House District announces his campaign for his old seat.

Terry McAuliffe All But Officially Announces His Campaign To Beat Trump In 2020

From federal investigations, to wonky deals with Chinese investors, to allegedly seeing the Khashoggi assassination, Terry McAuliffe may have to answer a barrage of odd questions when he officially announces his presidential run.

Northam to Serve Remainder of Term, as Fairfax Faces Impeachment

Northam vows to serve out his term as pending impeachment proceedings loom over Fairfax. Many Democrats are livid at the outcome, feeling that Fairfax's scandal distracted from Northam's, amid accusations by Fairfax that opposition supporters leaked the existence of the first assault allegation against him.

Sponsor of 40 Week Abortion Bill Rumored as Replacement for Lt. Gov. Fairfax

State Sen. Jennifer McClellan has been floated to replace Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who faces Democratic calls for impeachment and resignation over allegations of rape and sexual assault. McClellan, of Richmond, sponsored the Senate companion to Kathy Tran's Repeal Act.

Northam Cancels First Stop On ‘Reconciliation Tour’ After VUU Backlash

With students voicing their disgust with Governor Ralph Northam, the first stop on his "reconciliation tour" at Virginia Union University has been cancelled.

Budget Bill Blocks Bloomberg’s Influence In Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s Office

Virginia now becomes the first state in the country to address the issue of embedding privately-funded attorneys in state prosecutor offices.

Del. John McGuire Helps Vietnam Vet Fly American Flag After Years-Long Battle With HOA

"When I went to Richard [Oulton] to tell him that he would get his flagpole, he had tears in his eyes," said Delegate John McGuire, ending a nearly two-decade struggle to fly an American flag outside his home to honor his fallen Vietnam brethren.