Tuesday, January 25, 2022

RTD/CNU Poll: Democrats Split Against Northam on Statues; Gillespie Right From The Start

The question is, will Virginia voters have forgotten Northam's initial stance to bulldoze the memorials?  Most likely not.  

Schapiro: Fairfax Needs Northam +5 In Order To Win

If Fairfax is desperately hoping for a five-point Northam victory, then the campaign needs to prepare for a different sort of experience -- defeat. 

Fairfax, LIUNA Highlight The Democrats’ War On Blue Collar America

Perhaps Democrats should just be more honest with those workers. They really don’t want your jobs to exist, they just want their votes.

Anti-Gang Violence Measure Sails Through House Judiciary

Policy makers on both sides of the aisle in Washington are taking the threat of gang violence deadly seriously -- even if Northam is late to the game.

BREAKING: Goodlatte Out For 2018

Breaking news today as Rep. Bob Goodlatte (VA-06) is announcing that he will not seek another term in 2018. 

One Doesn’t Surrender Their Rights In The Marketplace

In matters of conscience, coercion is as brutal a weapon as "shock and awe" is to foreign policy.  In this instance, neither a hammer nor a scalpel is required -- merely the free market. 

President Donald Trump Says DACA “Unfair” For America

Trump tweets "broken" and "unfair" DACA program after 9th Circuit Court rules against president on Wednesday.

Colonial Williamsburg To Paint Interior of Governor’s Mansion

Colonial Williamsburg is taking the extraordinary step of painting the great hall of the Governor's Mansion between Jan 15th thru Jan 26th.

Northam Administration Wants To Make Hunting With Grandpa a Felony

SB 442 would make possession of a loaded, unsecured firearm a Class 6 felony, that as written appears to ban hunting for anyone under 18.

Between Ireland and Virginia

Of the five nations forming Great Britain -- England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Virginia -- only Virginia and Ireland forged an independence.